Collective Bias disclosure for cheap wireless plans #familymobilesaves #cbias

Cheap Wireless Plans are like unicorns, a very rare and magical concept, something people dream about these days. And you bet the Schuplin household could stand to have some unicorns… err… cheap wireless plans in their life!  Our better late than never California honeymoon is happening this fall and that means it’s time to fill the piggy bank with all of the change we can scrounge up! For the record, we are going on our honeymoon around our third anniversary.

Save more money by skipping the contract on cheap wireless plans from Walmart #FamilyMobileSaves #cbias

Our two line family plan runs us about $140 for the bare minimum minute plan because we both have a data plan, YOWZA! That is so not a cheap wireless plan, althought my data is an unlimited plan! I mean it when I say bare minimum… I talk on the phone less than I shower, and you guys know I only shower twice a week. I remember asking  Michael over and over again if there was a way to drop the minutes and pay the man less so I could shop more. Yes, to shop more because I clearly don’t have enough clothes, shoes, and gadgets in my life. (Drip, drip, dripping with sarcasm.)

All you need to get started on your cheap wireless plan is a phone and a starter kit from Walmart #FamilyMobileSaves #cbias

Gone are my days of laying on the couch listening to my boyfriend breathe while we ‘talked’ on the phone, and at the same time, preventing the household from using our stone age dial up internet. My phone’s life purpose is to send text messages, hoard unread voicemails, and take selfies for Instagram. I mean, who doesn’t have a catalog of selfies and random meals?


Comparing data usage for cheap wireless plans #familymobilesaves #cbias

Start working out your nimble fingers because text and picture messages are unlimited with Walmart Family Mobile! Now don’t worry a ton about your data usage because you get 1GB at 3G speeds and you can purchase a ‘boost’ if you need more data usage. Coming from a social media junkie who carries her phone in her sports bra if she doesn’t have pockets, 1GB of data is plenty for an everyday internet-a-holic. I went over the data provided on this cheap wireless plan because of SoFabCon and traveling due to my grandma’s death, AKA not everyday occurrences.

Don’t forget you can activate your phone service right in the store. The sales associate simply called the number for me and got my phone all set up.


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