We took Michael to his 12 month checkup today because he is 13 months old and you guessed it, I was a slacker rescheduling his appointment. By now you probably aren’t surprised with that admission though.

The waiting room was packed because everybody and their Brother needed appointments and I mean that literally because it seems that these families make their appointments all together. I can’t even complain because it is the smart thing to do.

Me to Baby Michael- Quit pulling my shirt down.

Michael to the waiting room- Yeah that is my job!

Me to Michael- Hunny you can’t say those things in front of kids.

Michael to me- Oh yeah. hehehehehe (Yes I mean hehe and not haha because he has a laugh only a Mother could love.)

That isn’t even the worst part of this whole waiting room conversation! Get this!

Michael- Are you wearing a bra?

Me- Umm, yes!

Michael- Oh they just look like they are flopping around.

Me- Are you kidding me?!!!?

Michael- hehehehehe

{You are in the dog house face}

I am well aware that they aren’t those beautiful perky breasts that I had before Baby Michael but really dude?! They are hanging and flopping? This isn’t even the first time he has done something like this either and it just boggles my mind! He has played with my breasts like they are freaking joysticks on a video game controller. JOYSTICKS! As in N64 controllers and you are swirling that joystick around reeling your fishing line in while playing some Mario Party! I am not even joking because he made car noises and giggled.

All I have to say is WHAT-THE-HELL!

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