Baby Food Jar Jell-O Shots

It is summer time and that means parties! Parties mean drinks whether it is a mocktail or a cocktail!  Presentation makes everything more fun right?! I love my Painters pens and I am trying to find every excuse imaginable to repurpose my old baby food jars. I swear I have hundreds of them!

I took the easy way out and used the Margarita, Pina Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri flavored Jell-O! All I had to do was add the appropriate alcohol to them. I used a cup of Malibu for the Pina Colada, 1 cup of tequila for the Margarita and 1 cup of rum for the Strawberry Daiquiri flavor. Easy Peasy!

Get the excess glue off of your jars with Goo Gone but make sure you wash and dry your jars afterwards or your paint won’t go on right.

Pick your colors and paint your jars. I didn’t have a theme so I went with what I felt represented the flavor of shot.  Each jar was filled up about halfway and this yielded about 10 jars per flavor.

After I let them chill I tied a white ribbon around them and called it a day! They were perfect for my party and oh so cute!

These can’t be eaten like a traditional Jell-O shot because you obviously can’t get your tongue deep enough into the jar to scoop it out. Either have spoons available for your guests or do what happened to us on purpose! It was a really hot day so the shots melted and some people just did the shot while others put an ice cube in it and sipped on it.

If you serve it with spoons, melt them down and shoot them or serve them with ice cubes I can guarantee that they will disappear and you will have a party!

Happy Summer!

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