So you want to make baby food recipes, huh? I see the appeal of homemade baby food, trust me, I did it myself. I also cannon balled into the land of homemade baby food thinking it would be easy. Thinking I wouldn’t be sleep deprived. I assumed I wouldn’t have an infant hanging from my teat while I attempted this Supermom-esque task. If Jessica Alba can do it I should be able to, right? Riiiggghht!

Homemade carrot baby food recipe with Freshfoods Cook-n-Blend Baby Food Maker

I stumbled into my mission with my steamer, pans, cutting board, knife, spoon(s), strainer, ice cube trays, ziploc bags, plastic wrap, and my blender. Making baby food recipes wasn’t a walk in the park. I did it because it was cheaper than buying store bought baby food and made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I’m all about the warm and fuzziness when it comes to my kid. Except, it was a lot of work to make baby food and my blender died in the middle of a batch. Baby food was messy BEFORE I fed it to Michael. All I could think about as I stood in my kitchen chopping, straining, and scooping was the sleep I could be catching up on. Wahhhh!

How to make baby food recipes with Freshfoods Cook-n-Blend Baby Food Maker


Buy a Freshfoods Cook-n-Blend Baby Food Maker if you are even considering making baby food recipes! Go. Run. What are you waiting for? I’m not even kidding about needing this shiny new toy. Put it on your Christmas list if you don’t want to buy it yourself because it’s breathtaking.

Here’s the secret to making people think you are the best mommy EVAR!

  • Fill it with water.
  • Chop your vegetables.
  • Put said vegetables in the basket and secure the lid.
  • Push the button.
  • Go brush your teeth. Or maybe a shower. Heck, you could enjoy a glass of wine while it steams.
Using Freshfoods Cook-n-Blend Baby Food Maker to make carrot baby food recipes

Soooo… how was that wine? Now don’t you worry your pretty little head about nursing junior when he wakes up. That one glass of wine isn’t going to get your baby boobie milk drunk.

  • After the timer turns off let your vegetables cool for a few minutes.
  • Pull the basket out with the thingamajig that came in the box.
  • You can keep or dump the water depending on the consistency you desire.
  • And for the big finish… let it blend for 10 seconds and viola! You have baby food!

Ermahgerd she is such a good mommy! I can’t believe she has the time to make her own baby food! How does she do it all and still look relaxed? And to that you will tell them about your wine and shiny toy secret. Or keep it to yourself to maintain your facade. ?

Oh hey, don’t forget to request this $20 coupon before you run to the store to buy your own Freshfoods Cook-n-Blend Baby Food Maker.

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