Kmart back to campus disclosure #KmartBacktoSchool #ad

Hi ho!
Hi ho!
It’s back to campus he goes!
With a corncob pipe and a button nose…

No, I know that’s not the right combination of children movies, it rhymes in my head so I went with it. Michael isn’t allowed a pipe or a button nose this semester. Not gonna happen!

You can never be overdressed or overeducated when you are headed back to campus #Kmartbacktoschool #ad

What he is allowed are trendy new outfits as we purge the garbage he once called clothes from his closet. (And this is the point where I publicly acknowledge his style advancements because Google seems to think I suck at being a wife. (It’s true 75% of the time but ranking #1 seems harsh. Ha!)) Michael is now wearing fitted dress shirts paired with colored pants and I am officially moving on to ratty boxers and socks because he WILL NOT get rid of them! He refuses because the holes are positioned perfectly. Sigh…


  • I must ace Savings 101 because we have a kid that is sucking the money straight out of my back account with his eating abilities. Where does he put it all? You guys, he eats more than I do!
  • I get to skip Dorm Style Basics and any out of line frat parties because we are old and old people don’t make the invite list. Well, maybe not old men but I could get invited because I’m a chick and chicks are always in demand.
  • I get to capitalize on the Shop Your Way Rewards emails I receive at, what seems like, just the right time to continue feeding my shopping addiction. I don’t know how Kmart does it but I swear I get one just as soon as I tell myself I am done shopping for the quarter! Hello… free points!
A new school year starts and it's back to campus! #KmartBacktoSchool #ad

Follow the back to school chatter on Twitter with @Kmart and #KmartBackToSchool and stay tuned for a little male fashion as Michael struts his stuff for you guys.

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