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Save money on back to school notebooks with an easy Duct Tape® craft

Confession: back to school is is one of my favorite times of year.

Yep, I am a school supply junkie. I like the smell of a crisp back to school notebook; the feel of a brand new pen; the clean lines a fresh crayon creates. Mmmhmm… back to school season is sort of amazing, and dirt cheap. I refuse to admit I have a whole shelf dedicated to notebooks. Nope. I don’t have anything like that.

Supplies for back to school notebooks- scissors, notebook, and Duck Tape®


Checkered Duck Tape® makes a back to school notebook craft easy

The price of normal back to school notebook is pretty reasonable, at .17. What isn’t a reasonable price is a back to school notebook running more than .50 because, “It has swirls and stars, Mom!” There is no way in heck Michael is going to sucker me into some fancy pants back to school notebook when he gets older! No way, Jose! <Frugality rears its ugly head.>

Because I refuse to give up more of my clothing shopping addiction budget, I had to think outside of the box and pulled out my Duck Tape®. I’m selfish, what of it? Michael doesn’t need to know the ‘why’ behind his under .50 back to school notebook because some secrets are better left a secret. When he gets older he will appreciate how fly his mama bear looks because she has more clothes than she knows what to do with.

Using Duct Tape® to craft simple back to school notebooks

You guys, this craft took me a whopping 5 minutes to complete, and I am far from a craft star. I think it took me longer to walk around my house looking for my supplies than it did to put it together. That being said, if I can make it, you aren’t going to have any problems doing this on your own.

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