This back to school silent auction was inspired by my partnership with General Mills.

Ideas to help you set up a back to school silent auction

While planning my back to school bake sale, I had another brilliant idea to collect oodles of Box Tops from individuals with Box Tops burning holes in their pockets. The aunts, uncles, grandparents, and strangers parked down the street of this world.


Kids, please do not follow a stranger into their vehicle in hopes of scoring a heaping pile of Box Tops. That’s not how this works.

My back to school silent auction requires a bit more prep work than the bake sale, but it’s a harmless way to give your (adult) guests their gambling fix. Casual gambling is like a cold sore, deep down, we all carry it.

I digress…

Let’s talk about this adorable silent auction instead, mmmkay?

Gift box shaped like lunch box

You have a few options for packaging up each ‘lot’.

  • Stick with traditional brown paper sacks.
  • Make super cute school themed gift boxes with your cutting machine because you are forever looking for an excuse to cut paper into complex packages.
  • And this just in, pull the cereal out of the boxes it came in (with the Bonus Box Top certificate removed, of course) and fill them with the ‘lot’.

I don’t know if it’s the coffee I’m sipping on or what, but the cereal box idea just hit me and I sort of love it. Do I hear two Box Tops for the Lucky Charms lot? Three Box Tops? Three Box Tops… going once, twice, sold to the gentleman with the two paddle.

For real. Someone do the cereal thing so I can swoon over it.


School themed gift boxes for a back to school silent auction

I went with the school themed gift boxes because I adore my paper cutting machine and the gift boxes doubled as decor.

Numbered paddles for a back to school silent auction

My paddles were chalkboard apples attached to wooden craft sticks by a clothespin. Easy and adorable.

Collect Box Tops during a back to school silent auction

There really is a lot of room to have fun with this back to school party. Think about it. How often to you really reach outside of the cereal box to collect Bonus Box Tops?

Get it? Cereal box?

I’m here all night, folks!

Ideas to help you collect Box Tops during a back to school silent auction

By the end of the silent auction, you should have a healthy stash of Box Tops for your child’s classroom. Well… depending on how deep everyone’s pockets of cardboard go.

Fill the gift boxes with school supplies and snacks for a back to school silent auction
School supply and snack lot for a back to school silent auction

Now, you can fill the lots with whatever your heart desires, but I thought it would make the most sense to use school supplies and Bonus Box Tops snacks. It is a back to school party, after all.

Back to School silent auction where the guests bid with Box Tops

And don’t forget to feed your guests snacks. Don’t fancy auctions have finger foods to keep the bidders happy? Happy bidders are more generous, right? I know I am more pleasant with something in my belly.

We decided to serve fruit snacks because they had Bonus Box Tops and Michael has a love affair with them. I do too but don’t tell him I sneak a package here and there. I’m in for a world of hurt once he figures it out.

Keep in mind that Walmart has Bonus Box Tops on select General Mills® products. Which is a good excuse to send your little one down the aisles letting them pick out whatever they want as long as it has the specially marked packaging. And if they pick something without the special packaging? Then it’s time to explain to them how Box Tops help their classroom do fun things like take field trips and buy stuff. All kids (grown up kids and little kids) like field trips and fun stuff.


Ideas to help you host a back to school silent auction to collect Box Tops for your child's classroom

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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