Balls, Beer and Boneless

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Buffalo Wild Wings for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Let’s talk about the difference between men and women for a minute, shall we? Men are all balls, beer, and boneless (maybe not so happy about boneless) and women are all wine, wasted, and whine. Amiright or amiright?

Men are more like balls, beer, and boneless; women are more like wine, wasted, and whine

In an effort to become manlier and do man stuff, like scratch every waking moment, Michael is watching sports. It gags me a bit because once football season starts it is sports until the end of basketball season. I really don’t think he got the memo from the DVR stating it needs to release on occasion as well. Michael even tried a fantasy team, he failed but gave it the good ole college try! College was all about fantasies, right?

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Thankfully Buffalo Wild Wings (BDubs) is saving the sanity of wives everywhere because their spouses can get their balls, beer, and boneless outside of the house. Ladies, let them go and feel like a man for a little bit. They need to get their grunting, scratching, and other caveman like activities out of the way so they can come home and dote on you appropriately. Yes, I did say dote because I am a precious flower.

Boneless Wings > Traditional Wings

Since this is a sponsored thingy and all, I should probably stop being facetious and get to the point, huh? I am going to wrap this up in a way similar to how I enjoy wings. I like boneless wings because they don’t waste my time and the payoff is a million times higher than a traditional wing. Ain’t nobody got time to enjoy a wine with a bone in it! At least the moms eating their wings one handed, while breastfeeding, and playing cars with their feet are agreeing with me right now.

Let me clarify, BDubs is cool for family time as well as man time because every child likes to eat. Show me a toddler who doesn’t like boneless chicken wings and I will… do something, not sure what, but something. My point is… every child eats chicken! Heck, I sometimes beg Michael to take me out for dinner because I don’t leave the house, like ever, not for anything.


Now I would be remiss if I didn’t mention BDubs just announced the Game Changer beer, Bottomless Boneless Lunch, and has ongoing specials like Wing Tuesday and Boneless Thursday. Yeah, so this is the point of my post where I realize I didn’t pull anything out for dinner, it is now 4pm, and I am hungry. Fun times in the Schuplin house!

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