Easy tutorial for Black Widow cupcakes. Perfect for a child's Avengers birthday party.

Black Widow might be in everything but she sure as shit doesn’t get enough credit in the wonderful world of merchandise. The superhero version of always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

Or perhaps things will ramp up once Michael becomes a teenager and asks for a true to size cardboard cutout? Not that I know anything about those. I definitely did not have one of Orlando Bloom or anything…

Who, if we are being honest, was not a good actor in Pirates of the Caribbean. His performance was quite awful but he looked good doing it. I’m sure that’s how the majority of males feel about Scarlett Johansson’s role in The Avengers. And we both know what I mean when I say ‘feel’.


I wanted to created something to represent Black Widow. I mean, we had a butt ton of Avengers themed parties pretty close together so I had plenty of chances to give my once favorite heroine her moment in the limelight, but coming up with something creative enough for my fellow Pinterest moms was a little difficult. Similar to my struggle with the Iron Man cupcakes.

And in case you are wondering, I’m leaning a little more to Team Scarlet Witch these days.

Supplies needed to make Black Widow cupcakes

Supplies needed:

  • Chocolate cookies shaped like circles
  • Red cookie icing
  • Red velvet cupcakes with black frosting
  • Toothpicks
  • (Optional) Frosting gun

How to create the Black Widow logo to place on top of cupcakes

Start by drawing the Black Widow logo on the chocolate cookies shaped like circles.

Tip: Draw an X, close up the sides, and use a toothpick and icing as needed to fill it in.

Red velvet cupcakes with black frosting

Use your frosting gun to top the red velvet cupcakes with black frosting.

How to brace the Black Widow cookie on top of the cupcake

Position the Black Widow logos on top of the cupcakes and brace them with a toothpick.

Tip: Just like with the Iron Man cupcakes, do not place the cookies too far in advance unless you enjoy soggy cookies.

And don’t forget to serve a Hulk juice with each Black Widow cupcake. Yanno, because juice and cupcakes go together like zucchini and hide and seek.

Google it.


How to make Black Widow cupcakes for an Avengers themed birthday party

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