Blogger Burnout cocktail recipe

Blogger Burnout is special. Special like the time your bestie hacked your account and confessed your love for no-wipers…

Oh, that has yet to happen to you? Ha! Just wait until you leave your social media tether unattended this May. Unless, of course, you are a potty publisher. Potty publishers are a little trickier to hack.

Save yourself now because this ship is sailing and you can expect the ride to be random, with a shot of sarcasm.

Painting melted chocolate on chocolate cups for the blogger burnout cocktail recipe

So why the name Blogger Burnout?

Because there are only so many posts you can write before your eyes glaze over while reading about the latest toy your toddler will forget about in 1 month. I can guarantee every blogger has assumed the fetal position beneath their desk at one point in their career.

Cool. Sure. Send me whatever.

Despite what the media thinks ‘mom bloggers’ do at conferences, I know of the true secret sisterhood rituals. (More on that later.) We show up at the conference resembling that of a zombie. We pound coffee as we scarf down heaps of bacon before ‘class’, if you will. During the sessions, we send tweets with our left hand, and jot notes with our right. We wonder if so and so is really XYZ blogger because she had red hair in her latest profile picture.

Throwback Thursday strikes again. Or was it Flashback Friday?

Coat the melted rim of the chocolate cup with coconut flakes for the blogger burnout cocktail recipe

We socialize… errr network during the cocktail parties as we pretend our 5 inch heels aren’t cutting off the circulation to our tiniest piggy. And even though we leave the conference getting less sleep than we do at home, the rump kicking we receive from the ‘your content just isn’t all the great’ and ‘your grandma takes better pictures than you’ sessions gets our juices flowing.

AKA- Extinguishes the blogger burnout.

Blogger Burnout cocktail recipe card


  • 1 part Coconut rum
  • 2 parts Marshmallow vodka
  • Chocolate cups (Either store bought or homemade.)
  • Mini marshmallow spears
  • Melted milk chocolate, for garnish
  • Coconut flakes, for garnish


  • Buy, or mold from milk chocolate, chocolate cups.
  • Apply melted chocolate around the rim of the cup with a food safe paint brush.
  • Cover the melted chocolate with coconut flakes and let it harden.
  • Shake the vodka, rum and ice in a cocktail shaker before pouring it into the chocolate cup.
  • Toss a roasted marshmallow spear in the cup and enjoy!
Blogger Burnout- the grown-up s'mores treat!

I don’t know what planet you live on, but the Blogger Burnout sounds pretty much like a no-brainer for the NickMom Pajama Party goin’ down in the Ark. Sort of like the bathroom candle your roommate brings to the conference because the word on the street is you drop a mean deuce.

For real.

The madness of blogging bestie overload is happening in… oh… less than 50 days. I haven’t figured out if I’m more excited to be on the same plane as my homies, or for the featured entertainment NickMom is providing. It’s pretty much neck and neck at this point.

I’m trying hard to keep my fangirl contained until I see which nominated cocktail wins it all buuuutttt…


I’m packing my big girl panties just in case my sweet, sweet fangirl consumes my blogger self and I crack a rib, or 5… resulting in assistance being given to me. I make no promises.

See you there, suckas!

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