How to make bonfire cupcakes using pretzels and chocolates

So I made these bonfire cupcakes back in… umm… June? It was whenever I made that freaking adorable burlap bonfire bonanza. You know the party I’m talking about, right? Of course you do because this isn’t your first housewife rodeo.

Except, it is.

I have come to terms with just how vital Pinterest is to my livelihood. I love you Pinterest. Please don’t go anywhere. Life without you is like life without wine. And we all know I am not capable of surviving a week of working at home with two kids yipping at my ankles without a dry delight.

Anywhoooo …

Start making your bonfire cupcakes with a thin layer of frosting

Start with a normal amount of frosting.

I admit, not many of my cupcakes have a ‘normal’ amount of frosting because I live with a man who, when we met, consumed frosting straight out of the container. I went along with that phase of our lives, though, because it was freaking tasty even if it was bizarre. Maybe that means these bonfire cupcakes are a ‘skinny’ cupcake? Maybe even diet friendly?

Quit laughing.

Place three red, yellow, and orange chocolates in the center of your bonfire cupcakes for the coals

Next, arrange a red, a yellow, and an orange chocolate candy with the letter M on it in a sort of triangle design. Or maybe like a pinwheel? No matter what shape you see, stand them up on their side. It works better that way.

Break up pretzel rods and place them on top of your bonfire cupcakes so they look like sticks

And finally, arrange broken pretzel sticks so they look like kindling. I found the best size to be half of the pretzel stick but you can try whatever you wish. Who am I to tell you how big of a fire to make? Maybe you want to be like my jerkoff neighbor who decided to make a fire as tall as their house? It’s not like my entire yard is full of trees or anything.

Nah… it’s cool, dude. Blaze on.

Grownup problems.


This cupcake tutorial will show you how to make bonfire cupcakes for your next bonfire bonanza

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