Breakfast bruschetta made with Great Day Farms hard boiled eggs is the perfect brunch appetizer.

What do you think of when you hear ‘breakfast bruschetta’? Tomatoes served on bread with a side of sunny siders? Perhaps, but you would be wrong. This party diva was given the task of making an easy egg appetizer (that wasn’t deviled eggs) using hard-boiled eggs from Great Day Farms.

Psshh…. please! Challenge accepted!

Note- You will find the packages of hard-boiled eggs at Walmart, in the same area as the pre-made sandwiches.

Baking the bread for breakfast bruschetta.

You guys, I purchased four different types of cheese for this project, and you know what I figured out? I’m not big into soft cheese. Yuck! Hard cheese only, please!

(See what I did there?)

I guess that means I will never be one of the ladies covered in baubles sitting around eating all sorts of fancy looking cheese while sipping on something delicious? My dreams of retirement have been squashed! My life is over! I have no idea how I will keep myself occupied in my old age. The horror!

WAIT a minute!

I can totally see myself as the crazy, yet hilarious, old lady on YouTube.

Yes, let’s plan on a slightly inappropriate YouTube channel that makes Michael shake his head at me into his parenting years. My future daughter-in-law will either LOVE me or tolerate me. Ha!

Everything you need to make breakfast bruschetta.

Oh, hey, did you know I am now writing recipes for Great Day Farms? For real, guys! They are paying me REAL doll hairs for recipes. I’m living the dream, yo! Hooray!

Which is why you will find the full breakfast bruschetta recipe in their neck of the woods. Go now and eat food! Or pin them to your boards so it looks like you make food. I don’t judge.

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