Breastfeeding survival kit to help increase breast milk production for new moms. The kit includes- lactation cookies, Mother's Milk Tea, Fenugreek, and nursing pads. Horrible Housewife increased her supply 11 ounces a day!

You might be thinking, “What the Sam is a breastfeeding survival kit?” It’s something I made up because I thought it was cool; thus, making me cool by association. It doesn’t make sense to wait for the episiotomy to taking control of your breast milk guilt. (Guilt is a guarantee much like death and taxes.) I would instruct your go-fetcher to pick up these lactation boosting items when he is out chasing after your newest pregnancy craving.

Which bees make milk? Boo-bees! – Unknown

But Mallery, I thought you already wrote a post about how to create a jar of lactation cookies? Why yes I did, young grasshopper. Then why the hell are you writing another post about something that ISN’T funny? Chillax for a minute! You wouldn’t believe how many new moms are out there looking for the answers to increasing their breast milk production. I increased my milk production by 11 ounces a day after an intense round of dumping out my precious milk.


  • Lactation cookies– You need to go visit that recipe and make these  delicious cookies for all of your volumptous friends. Wouldn’t life be perfect if we could keep our lactating tig-o-bitties?
  • Fenugreek herbal supplement– Be warned, your man might start to lick you in hopes that you will taste like you smell. High doses of Fenugreek cause you to smell a little like your local IHOP.
  • Mother’s Milk tea– I don’t drink tea or beer so I thought they both had gross characteristics. I’m sure it isn’t the first time you took one for the team and sucked it up. You might not have needed this post if you would have practiced taking one for the team a little more. ?
  • Nursing pads– The levees will break as soon as: a child cries, you start nursing on the opposite breast, you are late nursing by 5 minutes, etc. You need a good stock in nursing pads!

This breastfeeding survival kit is a perfect addition to any baby shower gift! Keep in mind I said ADD to a baby shower gift. Don’t be the person that buys a new mom a bunch of stuff she doesn’t want without getting her something she does want.

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