Horrible Housewife Disclosure Statement for my Jockey Bra boob fetish

Toss out the ‘do your boobs hang low‘ soundtrack and cue the boob fetish music because I’m ready for my closeup! I’m not sure what boob fetish music is but surely it has something to do with your breasts and is upbeat. Get it… UP-beat? Farck! What is Michael doing to me?

The Jockey® Fit Kit comes with cups and a tape measure to ensure you get the proper fitted Jockey bra for your boob fetish. #JOCKEYbra

Like most BlogHer attendees, I didn’t know whether I should craft, cook, or teach my toddler how to stack with the Jockey® Fit Kit. I mean, would you know what to do with a set of boob cups if they were in your swag bag? I didn’t think so.

Little did I know the Jockey® Fit Kit would be my first step to a full blown boob fetish!

You can't have a boob fetish if you don't know your Jockey bra cup size #JOCKEYbra

Since I skipped the fitting process in my previous post, because I was all girly puffy/bloated/I’m not getting naked for you, I figured I owed you an explanation on how it works. I know a lot of you have zero interest in watching the video because you are reading this post at work or as you sit on the throne, so I’m going to break it down the only way I know how. Simple and straight to the point.

  • Get topless. Preferably behind closed doors.
  • Attempt to find the proper cup by bending over and ‘filling the cup’ before standing back up.
  • Check for spillage and gaps.
  • Repeat if you didn’t pick the right size.
  • Measure your rib cage with the tape measure.

Wham. Bam. Thank you, ma’am!

A Jockey bra provides the perfect fit for people interested in a boob fetish #JOCKEYbra

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of the Jockey® bra so you can determine if it’s a fit for you. {Ba-dum-tsshhh}

  • Pro- This bra is hella comfortable, like sleep in it comfortable.
  • Pro- The straps don’t fall down at all. Nope. Not even a little bit.
  • Pro- There isn’t a poky underwire.

I have a major con to tell  you about. Think about a con that would force me to purchase enough clothes to fill my two closets back up because I don’t wear many tops that accommodate a bra with ANY sort of coverage. I wear a lot of, what many people refer to as, boob fetish tops. I’m talking about cleavage everywhere tops!

I would absolutely purchase more Jockey® bras for my less slutty tops despite coverage being the con of epic proportions.


Enjoy your newly remodeled rack!

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