Horrible Housewife Disclosure Statement for my Jockey Bra boob fetish

I might be slightly obsessed with the camo style trend going around right now. Just slightly. Or at least I will only admit to being slightly obsessed because I can’t keep confessing things without looking like a crazy woman. (Read: I am a closet lunatic who shops too much. WAY TOO MUCH!)

Create a camo style outfit- green lace detailed top, beaded green flats, crossbody purse, gold bracelet, layered necklace, and skinny jeans #Meijerstyle

I should probably explain why the camo style trend draws me in…

I was raised a tomboy. I was able to poop in the middle of the woods, shoot a shotgun, and act as a hunting dog when I went out rabbit hunting with my dad.

Classy, right?

Crossbody purse to compliment a camo style outfit #MeijerStyle

I would give up my woodsy bathroom skills when I went back to my mom’s house and do girly things like style my hair and get my period. I absolutely could have skipped the period part of being a girl but that wasn’t in the stars at the time. Believe me when I say I asked the doctor to rip out my uterus multiple times. “But I don’t waannnntt babieeeess!”

Gold, silver, and black necklace completes the camo style outfit #MeijerStyle

Now, I know the hermit in me keeps me from knowing a lot of things, like when the 7-11 near my house closed, but I like to think I can keep up with trends as they filter through my Facebook feed. So my question is this…

When did Meijer become trendy? When did they start using phrases like ‘on trend‘? When did this happen? How was I not notified the moment Meijer became a place to shop for outfits. And I don’t mean clothes because you need something last minute. I’m talking about OUTFITS. You know, things you normally go to the mall for.

Lace detail on the arm of a camo style shirt from Meijer #MeijerStyle

I have a simple answer to those questions.

Why in the world would Michael let me find out Meijer was trendy when he already has a hard enough time controlling my shopping problems? Although, I secretly know he is okay with my shopping problems because I get a lot of this. “Damn, your butt looks good in those jeans.” and “I sure am glad I talked you into buying that top.” (Note- I rephrased those quotes to maintain professionalism.)

He isn’t fooling me when he whines about my closet(s). Not even a little bit.

Beaded green flats from Meijer pair well with a camo style outfit #MeijerStyle


  • Green top with lace detail $16
  • Layered necklace $16
  • Beaded green flats $25
  • Crossbody purse- $12.50
  • Skinny jeans- from my closet
  • Gold bracelet- from my closet
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Camo style outfit from Meijer- layered necklace, gold bracelet, cross body purse, beaded flats, green lace detailed shirt, and skinny jeans #MeijerStyle

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