Yeah… so… I hosted a candy corn party this weekend and it was sort of a big deal.

Quit choking on my arrogance for a minute and let me explain.

There are very few parties that I am like ‘My poop don’t stink. Every candy corn party detail was perfect. Oh my goodness did I do an amazing job.’ and this was one of them. I am so proud I could cry. But, I’m sure 95% of you aren’t here for details into my life. Most of the 95% of you probably clicked on a pin and only care about candy corn tutorials, or finding out the meaning of life. Sorry to disappoint but… that’s not gonna happen. So sorry. Feel free to exit before we take off.

KIDDING! Come back! Stay and read! Don’t leeeeaave meeee!

Candy corn party crafts

  • Candy corn yarn tree
  • Candy corn wine bottles
  • Tissue paper poms
  • Candy corn banner
  • Candy corn baby food jar party favors

Now, I’m really not going to give you tutorials for these candy corn party crafts, but I didn’t jerk your chain to get you to click through this pin or that Facebook share. These candy corn party crafts are so SIMPLE to make you could throw them together by looking at the pictures.

Ready – Set – Go

Candy corn party crafts- Tissue paper poms

Think back to first grade fans and you can put together these tissue paper poms. Please note they are flat so I could put them against the wall. I did not hang them from the ceiling in typical pom fashion because of my banner.

Candy corn party crafts- candy corn inspired fabric banner

The banner was hands down the longest craft I made for this party and it still wasn’t hard to do. Not even a little hard to do. The only type of glue I had in my house was rubber cement so that’s what I used and it worked like a charm!

Candy corn party crafts- baby food jar party favors

I should probably mention for all of the tutorial visitors that these baby food jars are 4 ounces each. I should also mention that normal people will have M&M’s left over after filling the jars with the appropriate color. You see, I used every bit of 1 bag for each set because I was dealing with a toddler child and a man child picking through the bowls when I ‘wasn’t looking’.

Because moms don’t have eyes in the back of their head…

Candy corn party crafts- Spray painted wine bottles

Oh, and another tip for the spray painted wine bottles- don’t buy cheap spray paint. Trust me when I say I the drying time with the cheap spray paint was twice as long as the higher priced paint. Just say no to cheap spray paint.

Candy corn party crafts- yarn cones

Next time I feel the need to throw yarn trees together I am using wine bottles. Why I didn’t think of using wine bottles before I spent the $4 on something foamy is beyond me.

So… am I the next Marth Stewart? Did I mesmerize you with jaw dropping crafts?

The correct answer is no.


Candy corn party crafts- baby food jar party favors, candy corn yarn trees, candy corn spray painted wine bottles, candy corn tissue paper poms, candy corn fabric banner

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