Ok, let’s talk about candy corn party food now. And for those of you who don’t follow my blog (I don’t know why you wouldn’t.), you have no idea I published a candy corn party craft post before this one went live. Go check it out if you want to guarantee yourself a bangin‘ candy corn party! I promise I don’t play around when it comes to party themes!

I will wait for you to read the post.

Pretty rad, right?

I apologize to any and all new visitors that don’t fully understand the way my brain works. I don’t know why but I am feeling especially sarcastic tonight and find it extremely difficult to fit into the Martha Stewart/Rachael Ray/Sandra Lee persona that perfect party posts require. Tonight I’m failing at mom blogging hardcore.

Wait a minute. Pause. Hold the phone.

Maybe I am experiencing a sugar high and not failing?

It wouldn’t surprise me because each time I get up from my desk I grab a treat. Heck, I even told Michael I would give him a smooch if he brought me back a marshmallow treat so I didn’t have to get up and get my own! You know he is a sucker for affection and did it. Well… he didn’t bring me one marshmallow treat. He brought me the entire dish of leftover marshmallow treats in hopes of getting laid.

Too bad it didn’t work.

Now that I have officially offended the candy corn party food seekers, let’s get started talking about this pretty flippin’ fantastic candy corn party! The food was on point, the crafts were amazeballs, and my shoes were out of this world.

Win. Win. Win!

My rule of thumb for the party recipes was this- put candy corn M&M’s in every single possible thing I could so my guests dreamed about candy corn when their heads hit the pillow.

Pillow. Floor. Toilet. Same difference.


I should probably talk about the candy corn food I didn’t link to a recipe. I didn’t link to a recipe because the majority of Earth’s population understands how to make these simple treats.

Candy corn party food- fruit in a cup, Jell-O, and a trifle

For example, these three recipes (fruit cups, Jell-O, and a trifle) require the hostess to put stuff in a cup. You grab a cup and use a spoon to put stuff in said cup.

Candy corn party food- candy corn bark

Now that you are breaking a sweat, let’s talk about the candy corn bark. Bark pretty much consists of putting whatever you want in a dish and covering it with melted chocolate.

I want to tell you something while we are talking about sugary goodness… my brain doesn’t know what to do when I take a bite of the chocolate covered candy corn M&M’s, pretzels, and Oreos melted all together. It freezes because it knows it’s trying to get ready for our honeymoon.

(In my best Rush Hour voice.) Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?

Bark = Epic

Last but not least, and finishing off the menu… get ready because this one is a doozy… cut up vegetables and put them on a tray in the pattern of candy corn!


What can I say? I saved the vegetable tray for the end because I knew it would be the menu deal breaker.


Candy corn party food- biscotti, no bake cookies, bark, trifles, Jell-O, fruit cups, vegetable tray, marshmallow treats

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