How to make Captain America cupcakes for a Marvel Avengers party

The only thing worse than an ugly Captain America cupcake is an ugly Captain America cupcake with no shield. Yanno, the type of cupcake you get when your toddler wakes up before you, heads downstairs without you, and eats all of the shields you slaved over the night before. All. Of. Them.

And then wakes you up with, “I ate cookies.”

Son-of-a-biscuit-eater! “How many cookies?”

“Ten. I ate ten cookies.”

‘Frowny face’ accompanied by a few choice words. Just a few. I’m a classy broad, you guys.

Gathering the supplies for the shields on my Captain America cupcakes

So I made more Captain America shields for my latest Marvel Avengers party. At 7am. In the morning. Before doing anything else.

Homie don’t play when it comes to party prep.

Frosting and cupcake supplies to make Captain America cupcakes


Making Captain America shields out of Nilla Wafers and cookie frosting

Because I’m a masochist when it comes to parties, I thought about making a star in the middle of my wafer. A star, you guys. Five points chock-full of symmetry. Who does that?

And then I woke up and smelled the spit-up. Normal people do not draw stars on tiny wafers… with primitive cookie decorating supplies. What in the world was I thinking? I can’t even draw a star on paper.

How to make Captain America cupcake toppers

Word to the wise… you need semi-steady hands if you want to end up with pretty shields.

And don’t try to listen in on your husband rag on your toddler for his man-sized poops because laughing isn’t conducive to the process of squeezing while rotating.

Using Betty Crocker frosting to frost Captain America cupcakes

I ended up changing my mind on the frosting at the last minute, so I grabbed a few bottles of cupcake icing out of my stash and went to town. I prefer my piping doohicky but these colors gave me more of a ‘merica feel

.Making Captain America cupcake toppers out of Nilla Wafers

Merica- where it’s okay to throw a party every week. I kid you not. I party plan on the daily

Captain America cupcake toppers

He wanted to eat these shields too.

Shields for Captain America cupcakes

The kidlets will think you are the bomb diggity even if they don’t turn out perfect and all that jazz. Sugar is sugar and superheros don’t give a shit.

How to set the shield on top of the Captain America cupcakes

For a brief second I considered standing the shields up so they faced out. Just a second, though. The entire cupcake looks better with a flat shield and they help hide the meh frosting job.

Making Captain America cupcakes for a Marvel Avengers party

Yes, he is bossy. Yes, he loved my Captain America cupcakes. Yes, there is another Marvel Avengers party coming this week!

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