Easy ideas to help you plan a fun cat birthday party

You know how when you’re a mom it’s totally acceptable to be over the top obnoxious if it brings a smile to your munchkin’s face? And how sometimes you end up taking in a sixth cat because little people have pawsome powers of purrsuasion? And how said cat ends up having the same birthday month as your son? Which results in your son buying his cat a birthday card and asking why his cat doesn’t get a purrthday party…

He’s a cat. He has fur. He purrs.

Just, no.

And then, just when you are pawsitive you’ve tabled the discussion… you wind up planning a surprisingly fun cat birthday party for his furbaby. I’m not even kitten you, the entire family had fun. It was adorable.


Decorations for a cat birthday party

How to decorate wet cat food for a cat birthday partySo how do you decorate a cat birthday party? Yanno, how does a cat (who has no idea what a birthday is) celebrate aging?

I have no idea, so I started with a humongous 2 and a goofy cat balloonBalloons just seemed like a good place to start. Which spilled over into the meowtain of high in protein wet cat food I was serving.


Tips for planning a cat birthday party

The birthday kitty enjoying his cat birthday party

Chowing down on wet food at a cat birthday party

Wet cat food is perfect for a cat birthday party

And because I care about the urinary health of our cats, the menu was limited to Purina Pro Plan Cat‘s urinary tract health formula because wet products help support a healthy immune system. Not one cat seemed to mind the special formula because wet cat food is a bit of a delicacy when you have 6 feisty felines fighting for space around the dinner table.

When one cat requires special food, they all get special food. Sort of like food allergies for pet parents.


Party activities for a cat birthday party

Grabbing a mouse at a cat birthday party

Best friends playing at a cat birthday party

Playing with mice at a cat birthday partyAfter gorging on nutritious cat food, the cats were invited to pick a tie and enjoy a variety of party activities. There were mice for swatting, crinkle balls for batting…

Cats having fun at a cat birthday party

Playing king of the cat bed at a cat birthday party

Rolling around in cat nip at a cat birthday party… and cat nip sprinkled allll over. They were feline purrty good.

Kitty snuggles at a cat birthday partyWhich led to snuggles…

Gift ideas for a cat birthday party

… and plenty of gifts. But only practical gifts like a fancy pooper scooper and a fresh litter box. Definitely nothing over the top like a prince chair. Yanno, because he’s a cat…

Who just celebrated his second birthday in a navy blue tie. Surrounded by balloons.


Grumpy cat because he wasn't invited to the cat birthday partyAnd just when we thought the party was over, the neighbor’s cat (who looks JUST like Mater) walked up to our patio door with buckets of cattitude because he wasn’t invited to the pawty.

Exhausted kitty cat after his cat birthday partyOn a scale of 1-purrfect, Mater’s birthday party ended up being Michael’s ‘high’ in a day without a ‘low’. He loves his cat.

I never imagined the perfect cat would walk up our driveway the very same evening our neighbor asked us to keep an eye out for his missing orange cat (Mater’s twin). In the middle of winter, we gave the newly named Mater a home, and he continues to teach Michael what it means to care for another living being. As goofy as a cat birthday party sounds, it’s one more life lesson for Michael.

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Simple ideas for planning a fun cat birthday party

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