Chicken Paste with a Twist of Flavor & Panera Bread

Let’s be real for a minute. You know, because I’m not as real as it gets already. I waste a TON of food, so much wasted food! Michael and I play a game of chicken when it comes time to cleaning out the fridge. After a month of avoidance, it goes a little something like this.

Him, “What’s that smell? ”
Me, “I don’t know.”
Him, “Will you clean out the fridge?”
Me, “Why can’t you do it?”
Him, “C’mon babe! Just do it!”
Me, “Why do I always have to do it?”

I always have to clean the fridge out because Michael gags like a sissy pants if there is moldy food to be thrown away! He pulls his shirt up over his nose to protect him from the smell, he won’t look at it, and he leaves it until I take care of it. You guys know how good I am at cleaning anything in my house…

PS: There is a giveaway at the end of this post, a recipe for Chicken Pasta with a Twist of Flavor, and I promise there is a point to this story. ?

I bet you didn’t know I could live on bread and cheese for the rest of my life, did you? Bread is one food group that I will NOT let spoil! I refuse to waste my precious carbs! Mmmm… cheesy carbs!

What do you do when you are out shopping during the holidays? You stop and get some grub because it is easier than going home and cooking something. We are all guilty of it! I swear I eat out every time I leave the house, don’t you dare come back and mention how little I leave the house!

The last time I was out I indulged in Panera Bread because it is FREEZING in Michigan! I really don’t like being cold, not one bit! I just stood there looking at the menu board, trying to decide which bread I wanted to take home this time. The poor hamster in the wheel kept runnning and running as I figured out what I wanted. ‘Do I want rolls, Three Seed, Sesame Semolina, or Ciabatta?’ These are first world problems, people! I finally grabbed a demi loaf of Panera Bread’s Asiago Cheese. Yum!

Chicken Pasta with a Twist of Flavor- Panera's Asiago cheese demi loaf garlic bread

(Note: My pan looks like this because Michael is a genius and used a sharp knife on some brownies.)

My bread was at the point of what to do, what to do? You know, when the bread isn’t soft like the day it came out, but  it tastes soooo good? Here is a tip from one cheesy carb lover to another- make it garlic bread-ish and pair it with a meal like my Chicken Pasta with a Twist of Flavor! All I do is drizzle some olive oil on the bread, sprinkle some garlic powder on it, and bake it at 350 for 5 minutes. Easy Peasy!

Always find a way to repurpose bread in your household! Don’t make the bread police come to your house and arrest you!

Chicken Pasta with a Twist of Flavor and Panera garlic bread

Last night I pulled out this freezer meal/slow cooker thing, revamped my delicious bread, and called it a day! You know it’s a good day when It takes you longer to get the picture than it does to prepare the Chicken Pasta with a Twist of Flavor. Are you ready for the twist of flavor I put in, what could be, a boring chicken pasta dish?



Delicious, right? You bet it is! I am a woman of my word so here is your giveaway! Two of you are going to win $10 gift cards to Panera Bread! *And the crowd goes wild!*

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I received my own gift card in order to facilitate my review of Panera Bread. All opinions, experiences, and pictures are my own.

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