Staying up late addressing our Christmas cards from Snapfish

I swear, October and November are all “Call the photographer!” “We need to go shopping!” “OMG, we will never get our Christmas cards out in time!”. So much goes into a card that who the heck knows if the recipients even keep! (I totally keep the ones with pictures. Because, pictures.)

Don’t get me wrong, I once made my 6 month old rock an elf hat for a photo shoot (back when I had NO CLUE how to use a camera- poor kid) so I could scurry around last minute in an attempt to fulfill my ‘house manager’ duties. Why? Society norms? It was my first braggy mom moment? All of the above?

Not this year, dudes! This year I took a different approach and my experience so far has been pain free. No stress and minimal planning. Me likey.

This post was created in partnership with Snapfish. All opinions are my own. #snapfishblogger

Picking the quirkiest picture for our Christmas card

The journey to the perfect Christmas card began with a single, goofy picture from Leah’s photo booth. We aren’t wearing matching outfits. We don’t look well rested. Heck, some might even call it a hot mess!

Because it is. It’s perfect in all of its hot mess glory! Ha!

It screams ‘The Schuplins’!

Using Snapfish to design our Christmas cards

But, as I was browsing Snapfish.com, I found a card design I liked with space for two images. Wahhh! Do I use the perfect family picture from one of the weddings? Nah. Did I find ANY pictures from this autumn that I wasn’t behind the camera for? Puhleeze.

Except for one picture. One picture that sums up everything.

Showing our nerdy personality on our Christmas card.

I doesn’t get much better than a pregnant Yoshi with her crew now does it? It’s my absolute favorite picture! Our cards are perfect for our quirky family and, as long as I don’t drop the ball on getting them to the post office, they will go out WEEKS before Christmas. Color me shocked. It’s like I have nothing better to do than sit in bed and watch TV as my 4 pound fetus uses my bladder as a trampoline.

Oh wait…

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