How to host a Christmas cookie party for kids of all ages

Remember that one time I was proud of myself for buying, wrapping, and delivering presents for two classrooms by December 2nd?

About that…

There is a reason I ride the wave of crazy while I’m in the groove. When the wave crashes, it’s gone forever. There are no presents under my tree. I have no idea what I’m getting Michael for Christmas. I think we have a turkey in the freezer for Christmas Eve with his parents?

All I know for certain is that my house is gorgeous and the Christmas cookie party was a success. In fact, the tables covered in sprinkles are still taking up real estate in my living and dining rooms, and there is chalk on the fireplace. Zero yannos given.

Prepare cookie decorating stations with sugar cookies and tubes of frosting so your Christmas cookie party guests can easily decorate their cookies

But enough about what I won’t complete until Christmas Eve, let’s talk about the social lives of our (young) children. Also known as something I never thought I would concern myself with.

Why does no one include this in the consequences of having sex?

You know the list: Syphilis, babies, men you have to explain where to find the clitoris, Genital Warts, the wet spot, etc. All valid concerns when you are talking about sex.

Fill a cupcake pan with sprinkles so the guests of your Christmas cookie party can easily decorate their sugar cookies

I’m no helicopter mom, but I always ask who he played/worked with during school. If I don’t know who a child is, I ask. Especially that one time I watched a kid chuck a toy across the room while the teacher was grabbing something out of the closet. Yeah, he thought no one was paying attention. Joke’s on you, kid.

I say hi to Michael’s friends. I pay attention to who picks up Michael’s friends, and what their parents drive. I know so and so gets picked up by grandma, and little Johnny’s parents split the responsibility of drop off and pick up.

I’m also pretty familiar with who blocks the sidewalk, but I won’t go there.

Include a small table at your Christmas cookie party so the younger kids are able to reach all of the decorating supplies

So how do you explain to a 4 year old that his friends won’t come to his party because their parents control their social lives, and no matter how friendly I try to be during pick up and drop off, they won’t attend because they don’t know us?

Don’t get me wrong, I get it. I remember Michael’s first birthday party.

Make it easy for the younger Christmas cookie party guests to decorate cookies by setting their sugar cookies at their seats

The birthday party I surprisingly had a good time at. I found one of my people in the chaos that is a child’s birthday party and ran with it.

For those of you who don’t know me… that’s a big deal. I am absolutely one of those girls who very much enjoys her group of friends and that’s it. My friends are swell and they tolerate my nonsense. Most of them even appreciate my stellar grooming habits. I never imagined I would meet some pretty fantastic moms because my child asked to go to Billy Bob’s birthday party, and to the park with Joe Schmo.

File social lives under ‘things we do for our kids that we are sometimes okay with’.

Snickerdoodles at a Christmas cookie party

→ You want this snickerdoodle cookie recipe for your cookie party.

German Chocolate cookies at a Christmas cookie party
Homemade German Chocolate cookies at a Christmas cookie party

→ And no cookie party is complete with these german chocolate cookies. Trust me.

Oatmeal cookies at a Christmas cookie party
Chocolate chip cookies and carrots at a Christmas cookie party

And you should probably throw in some oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies for your offspring.

Mint chocolate cake pops and Butterfinger cookies at a Christmas cookie party

Also, if you grab a package of Butterfinger Baking Bits, skip the recipe on the package. The cookies ended up a little ‘meh’ and Butterfinger cookies should be legendary. Color me unimpressed.

The cake pops, though? The happiest, mintiest mistake to make its way through my kitchen in quite some time. Hang tight for the details.

Funny Christmas cups for a Christmas cookie party

I dressed up some basic plastic cups with clever glass clings so the individuals enjoying their cranberry drink were not swapping saliva at the cookie table. Unless they wanted to, of course.

Christmas utensils for a Christmas cookie party
Budget friendly decorations for a Christmas cookie party

And don’t forget a little wrapping paper helps keep the cookie party budget in check.

Ideas to help you plan a Christmas cookie party for young children

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