The Schuplins have big plans for Christmas dinner this year! Yippee! This is the first year we are implementing our own holiday traditions in an effort to reduce our holiday stress. Gone are the days of traveling to 3 parties on Christmas day. I’m over it.

I know some people truly enjoy party jumping, but that’s way too much work with a toddler. Not to mention, I will be 34 weeks pregnant with serious cankle action, tiny bladder syndrome, and don’t test my patience sleep deprivation goin’ on! Nobody wants in on that… unless they helped put me in this joyous position. *cough* Michael *cough*

So how ’bout I show you how I’m making Christmas just as special for Michael’s parents without the stress that once came with our Christmas?

You guessed it, I’m using my secret weapon AKA HoneyBaked Ham again! They might have sponsored this post but the ideas for Christmas dinner are all mine because I developed this plan last year.

Setting the table for a simple Christmas dinner

There is something about layering that really gets my hormones going so I dressed my table in traditional colors.

Note: Everything featured in my place setting was picked up during last season’s Christmas clearance.

I accented the ham, side dishes, and cake I picked up from the Flint, MI location with two simple appetizers in festive serving dishes.


  • 16 ounces of cream cheese
  • 1.5 c shredded cheddar cheese
  • .5-1 tsp garlic powder
  • Optional- green onion

Melt the cream cheese, mix in the extras, and put it in the fridge until firm.

See? There was little to no work involved with the appetizers and yet it still looks all fancy.

Okay, so you obviously know HoneyBaked Ham carries ham and turkey, right? Remember… I served ham and turkey at my Thanksgiving party? Did you know they also carry side dishes and desserts? Like, don’t take your man child with you unless you are willing to forfeit the dessert decision making process. I didn’t even get a say and I was craving me some coffee cake.

So I made up for it by picking out the side dishes I wanted. Life is one big compromise, isn’t it?

I personally prefer to keep centerpieces low but the little tree I purchased for Michael last year made the table so festive! I couldn’t take it down once I tested it out.

Oh, and… you NEED a lazy Susan table if you enjoy entertaining! For real. My table is beautiful and we don’t have to play pass the potatoes. They must have been invented by a woman. That’s the only logical explanation.

And drinks? What’s a party without some sort of beverage?

The drinks for our Christmas dinner match the food in the ‘easy on the host’ with high impact department. The reindeer waters are festive, and I’m able to serve something less snazzy to the grown ups because of my cute Christmas glasses.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to decorate your entire home to make your Christmas dinner special. Also, you don’t have to cook, but you really need to feed your guests. You know, dinner? And if you are anything like me then this reminder will serve you well- the most important thing for any Christmas dinner celebration is to simply be present. And possibly taking a shower. People seem to appreciate when you shower.

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