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Easy party food for a Christmas party #EasyAsPotPie #ad

I know Christmas is a hop, skip, and a jump away but I had to share a last minute Christmas party plan with you because it’s SO easy. Would you believe me if I said this is my last party for 2014? What a year! This one is what we like to call ‘the Mouser Christmas‘. It’s always low key, full of wrestling, and so loud that sleeping babies need not come.

Easy appetizers for a Christmas party #EasyAsPotPie #ad

Have you ever noticed how people hover around the food? It’s true. I offer guests an appetizer because food seems to breaks the ice for both extroverts and introverts. It gives people something to do with their hands that doesn’t involve checking their 50 bajillion social media accounts for new likes and/or comments. Unfortunately, that’s the world we live in anymore.


  • Cheese Ball
  • Crackers
  • Sparkling Juice

I wanted to keep this party simple due to my ever expanding midsection and jam packed Christmas party schedule, so I dumped a package of shatterproof ornaments into a giant silver bowl and called it my centerpiece. Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am!

Totally optional if you are looking to keep things ultra simple, I made spearmint mats by melting the mints in an 8 mint x 12 mint rectangle at 300 degrees, for 8-10 minutes.

I topped the mats with a red napkin, our fancy silverware, china, and a party favor. I know, I know. I can’t help it if I think each party deserves a party favor! How could I say no to these adorable chevron gift boxes? Spoiler… I couldn’t.

To finish off the festive feel, I worked two strands of garland around our normally boring chandelier. It really added to the decor without forcing my guests to look around it to see the person in front of them.


  • Ornaments (Last season’s clearance, unsure of the store)
  • Gift boxes (Hobby Lobby, $1.99/each)
  • 7 Bags of Spearmints (Walmart, .98/each)
  • Big Silver Bowl (Target, $7.48 on clearance)
  • Garland (Target, $4/each)
  • White Fabric (Backdrop from the cookie party.)

Marie Callender's has a variety of sizes and flavors to serve your Christmas party guests #EasyAsPotPie #ad

But let’s be real, the boys couldn’t care less about the decorations. I decorate for me because pretty things bring me joy. The boys are all about the grub, ’bout the grub, no slackin’. (Sorry for the ear worm!) Which is why I chose a comfort food to warm us up. And holy heck, guys! Marie Callender’s Pot Pies were so dang easy to serve to the masses! They cooked while I finished prepping the decor, and even allowed me to clean up a bit. It was perfect.

Yes, I said CLEAN! Unheard of, right?

Note: I made faux cake plates by placing plates on top of red and green vases. Sometimes you have to fake it till ya make it!

Marie Callender's pot pies are an easy way to get the taste of homemade at your Christmas party without the work #EasyAsPotPie #ad

And the pot pies? Let’s just say I had never consumed a frozen pot pie before this party because I thought it would taste like week old cookies. Except… I was wrong because Marie Callender’s pot pies have a “golden flaky crust”. Like, for real. I was so shocked that I sent my mom a text saying something similar to ‘Why am I just now finding out how good pot pies are? I feel robbed.’

I live under a rock. Scratch that. I live in a cave. A cave with a rock for a door.

Also, how fitting is serving your military broski something attached to a program like Comforts From Home? It’s like I planned for it all to fit together like that. Except I didn’t.


  • Variety of Marie Callender’s pot pies
  • Rolls

Easy, no bake dessert ideas for your next Christmas party #EasyAsPotPie #ad

And we of course there was sugar. Christmas is all about the sugar, no?

Keep the treats simple because we all know this is the point of every Christmas party where everyone is begging to borrow a pair of maternity pants. I recommend saying yes because no pants parties should not happen in public unless you are a toddler.


  • Peanut Butter Fudge
  • No Bakes
  • Buckeyes
  • Dirt Cake

Easy, edible party favors for a Christms party #EasyAsPotPie #ad

Even though the party favors looked fancy pants, they were nothing elaborate. A few chocolates will always bring a smile to your guests’ faces because it’s a thoughtful gift. Gifts coupled with an enjoyable time will always make people feel like a million bucks.

Shopping for Marie Callendar's pot pies at Walmart #EasyAsPotPie #ad

And because Walmart carries just about everything, I picked up all of the grub when I was scheduled to pick up a few last minute toys. One stop shop for the win.

Be sure to visit Marie Callendar’s Meals to learn more about all things tasty, and visit Pot Pie Please for more recipes.

Happy holidays, guys!


Christmas party ideas- easy party food, peanut butter desserts, and simple decorations in classic Christmas colors #EasyAsPotPie #ad

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