Cocktails and Cupcakes Party- lime green and blue decor


Welcome to my surprise cocktails and cupcakes party for a very special group of people! Feel free to interpret ‘special’ however it speaks to you… It only took me 26 years to figure out why my mom always stroked my nappy curls repeating, “You are such a special little girl.”

These special people are the ones who lift me up more than I probably deserve, who come to me for advice even if I’m still figuring things out for myself, and the people who witnessed me at a pretty ugly rock bottom. (I’m talking about a super classy, inebriated hooker in the drain storm rock bottom. Except I wasn’t two sheets to the wind.)

Haaaaavvvvvee you met my friends?

Cocktails and Cupcakes Party- lime green and blue sugar rimmed blue cocktails

You will know when you find your tribe (AKA woooo girls) because they will love you regardless of your faults and, as it turns out, those very faults are what remind them you are a real life girl, with red blood coursing through your veins- instead of oil and explosives.

I sort of hold the championship in the dropping bombs category, whether it’s talking about bowel movements or… don’t make me ruin this Mallery version of a touching moment with my favorite word that rhymes with schucks! How about we all just enjoy some not so fancy cocktails and cupcakes for this party post, mmmmkay?

Cocktails and Cupcakes Party- lime green and blue glittered cupcake wrappers with matching frosting

But enough about my ‘woooo girls’, I want to talk about the people in the shadows. (And I don’t mean Peeping Toms.) There are people in my life who have left impressions they might not be aware of. One day I will get around to telling them thank you, or whatever emotional response is the appropriate thing these days, but for now I will do what I do best and be like, “Yeah, that dude is okay. I mean, if you like an authority figure that awkward stretches in public.” *shrugs*

Cocktails and Cupcakes Party- lime green and blue chocolates, glitter, and more

Soooo… there’s this guy who is the closest to my on the daily persona, not the me when I am with the previously mentioned woooo girls, who helped me realize it was time to work on MY brand. He also happened to get the coolest birthday card email I think I have ever sent in my 26 years on this Earth.

Then there’s this duo who represents my other personality. Oh lardy, lardy, lardy! I woof them long time.

And I can’t forget my first time, this girl did the one thing that truly made me, the low man on the totem pole, feel like a valuable part of the team… and she probably doesn’t even remember the gesture I am referring to! (Which is why actions speak louder than words.) Something so small, something she does daily, made me feel like a million doll-hairs.

These are just a few of the people who don’t get loved on in public but they’re there, and they should know that I think they are wicked cool- in a non-pink puffy heart kind of way. They should also know there are NINETY SIX days until I see them again! They MIGHT even get a hug out of me. Maybe. I can’t commit to public displays of affection because they ruin my street cred, but I will consider a hug upon my arrival in Arkansas.

Cocktails and Cupcakes Party- lime green glittered cupcake stand

Did you catch the 96 days mention? From my keyboard to your eyeballs, SoFabCon is my Mother’s Day gift to MYSELF! People are supposed to say they want to spend it with their children, yadda yadda, but… let’s be honest, I want to spend it with my homies- CHILD FREE! As in no kids. No husband. No responsibilities outside of keeping my special pajamas on my side of the room!

Last year was AH-MA-ZING! It was overwhelming in the pure ecstasy kind of way. My woooo girls ended up being real life people, not creepy men living in their mom’s basement, who talked me down from the ledge when I found out my great-grandma was passing away in the middle of a brand salon. It went a little something like this…

“Say cheese and awkward stretch!” to “You need to pay $800 to come home right now.” to “Everything will be okay.”

…all in a matter of 10 minutes.

And it was. I spent a good couple of weeks with her after the conference AND learned a few things about blogging. I kid. The sessions were, believe it or not, worth attending. Crazy, right?

  • BlogHer = Networking and parties.
  • Mitten Moms = Networking with Michigan brands and bloggers.
  • SoFabCon = You will actually learn something as a veteran blogger, spend time with online family members, network with soon to be family members, and go to one of the best birthday parties out there. (Except for the ones I throw, of course. *cough* Cocktails and Cupcakes! *cough*)

Now, when woooo girl season comes around, Michael will ask, “how much will this conference cost” instead of “what will the ROI look like?”

Babe. Sweetie Pie. Honey Bunches. Why do you think I tossed my hat into the SoFabCon sponsorship contest? Why do you think I sat down at the keyboard to write something caring? You know I don’t just throw sap around willy-nilly!

PS: I have an extra special birthday gift for Collective Bias when SoFabCon gets a smidge closer. I don’t want to spoil it but… uh… it’s along the lines of the magic I brought to 80’s night last year. Yeah baby!


Cocktails and cupcakes party ideas with a lime green and blue color scheme

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