Do you consider yourself lucky? Not that kind of lucky, pervs. I’m talking about good things happening to you lucky. No! Stop! Control your gutter before it gets clogged with leaves! Can’t you tell when I’m trying to be serious?

What do you mean I don’t know how to be serious?

Well fiddlesticks…

2013 is lucky for Horrible Housewife because of Collective Bias #luvsofab #cbias

2013 IS LUCKY!

Let’s breakdown the top five reasons I am lucky.

  • I’m reaching my 10-15% growth pattern for blog traffic this year. I have a very specific goal of finishing my first year on this site at 38,979 monthly page views. That won’t make me a ‘big’ blogger, or even one who gets picked over other bloggers, but it will make me feel like a reliable in the middle blogger. This girl has all sorts of insecurities that need reassurance!
  • I got my Nikon D5200 in RED for Valentine’s Day! That is a double lucky because it means Michael likes my photographs and he believes it will help my career.
  • I am meeting and/or exceeding my minimum income goals! This is a huge one because money makes the husband happy and allows me to indulge in my photography equipment obsession.
  • I love what I do so much. Seriously… I am so twitterpated with my career choice and sparkly friends! I would even go as far to say Michael enjoys the perks of my job.
  • I got a full sponsorship for SoFabCon! Squeeeeeeeee! OMG! For real! Squeeeeeeeee! I’m not even overhyping the follow up that will be coming this Spring. You guys are going to pee your Poise from laughing at our shenanigans! Ahhhhh! You will pee yourself so much that you won’t be missing SoFabCon next year. Just mark your 2014 calendar and order your SoFabCon ticket now. ?
Mallery from Horrible Housewife won a sponsorship to the 2013 SoFabCon in May! #cbias #luvsofab

I am still on cloud 9 over my conference sponsorship. Actually, I might never come down from this high because it is that good. I had already bought and paid for my conference expenses because SoFabCon was happening come hell or high water. I don’t mess around when I want something! Now I am hoping I don’t explode from all of the excitement I have going on inside of this body!

My top five reasons for being lucky are partly because of my association with Collective Bias and partly because I work my tail off! Hard work and a good support system will make your dreams come true.

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