Cranberry Cinnamon Drink Recipe

Autumn is my favvvvvorite season. I love the cozy clothes, warm smells, perfect temperatures, and the decor! So much yes when it comes to autumn decor! I make apple crisp on the regular. We single handily support the apple orchards by consuming copious amounts of mulled cider.

A few weeks ago, I was creating my drool-worthy menu and remembered I needed a signature cocktail. I ALWAYS serve a special cocktail to my party guests. It’s one of my commandments. The menu consists of the majority of my Thanksgiving favorites, but it was missing one signature Thanksgiving flavor… cranberry.

So, instead of making cranberries to eat, I opted for cranberries you can drink! Genius? You


Ingredients for a cranberry cinnamon cocktail. This drink recipe is perfect for Thanksgiving dinner! #SweetNLowStars #client


  • 64 oz Cranberry Juice
  • 4 Cinnamon Sticks
  • 2 Oranges, juiced- yielding 1 cup of juice
  • 8 tsp Sweet’N Low
  • 8 oz Rum
  • Orange Slices & Cinnamon Sticks, for garnish

Start by juicing enough oranges to produce 1 cup of juice. I even set aside the 4 halves once I was done juicing them so I could toss them in with the rest of the ingredients. Then, much like mulled cider, you will pour all of the ingredients into a slow cooker and cook for at least 1 hour before serving warm. Prepare to fulfill your basic autumn girl status right along with me!

That’s it.

If you like mulled cider, you will love this cranberry cinnamon cocktail recipe! #SweetNLowStars #client

Does it get much better than a slow cooker cocktail that also doubles as an air freshener? My house will smell amazing as the mulled cider and cranberry cinnamon aromas swirl around our heads! 

Oh, I should mention that this drink recipe is just as amazing without the rum. A mocktail isn’t as much fun as a cocktail, but it works. You could always set the bottle of rum next to the pitcher with a sign saying ‘proceed with caution’.



Cranberry cinnamon cocktail recipe made in a slow cooker #SweetNLowStars #client

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