I was blessed cursed with curls, lots and lots of frizzy curls. At least that is how I felt when I was in school because all of the ‘pretty girls’ had straight hair. Those same pretty girls didn’t have to deal with crazy fur balls coming off of their strands, or moms who wouldn’t let them wear makeup. Moms are such drags!

Why oh why was a frizz head born to a mom with straighter than straight, oily hair? Why didn’t she know how to do my hair as soon as I released my first cry? Don’t people know girly problems like frizzy hair rival how we feel about our first period?

“Excuse me? You want me to do what with that?”

Create voluminous curls in 10 minutes with the Conair Infiniti Pro Series hair dryer and Redken Curvaceous products #cbias

I will never forget the day Cortney (hairdresser, BFF, friend since 7th grade) turned me into a real life female with the touch of her wand. It all started with a simple, “Do you want me to show you how to curl your hair?”

To which I replied, “Heck nah, curling my hair is WAY TOO much work for this lazy girl! I don’t even shower and get dressed on a daily basis!”

Little did I know of the events that would follow…

Would you believe me if I said this hair style is courtesy of Conair #cbias

Ermahgerd! I made those curls… ALL BY MYSELF! Me. The non-girl. The laziest housewife in the entire Midwest. Surely I was dreaming because I created those curls in under 10 minutes- wet to finish.

And then the Instagram selfies started…

‘Look what I can do!’

‘Look at my new trick from a different angle!’

‘Just in case you didn’t see my new hair!’

All I can say is this- getting one step closer to my womanhood badge of honor is a big deal, yo.


Let’s get technical for a minute so all of the folks here for beauty, instead of non-girl rants, are satisfied. Prepare to have your mind blown:

Dry your hair in 3.5 minutes with the Conair Infiniti Pro Series Hair Dryer #cbias

At the time of my hair lesson I had this dinky Revlon dryer that took FORever to dry my hair into a frizzy mess.

How I felt about that hair dryer. ~> “This sucks. I quit!”

I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me the Conair suite at SoFabCon would have legendary swag. Swag I would willing to send my suitcase over the weight limit for. Swag that would dry my hair in… wait for it… 3.5 minutes!

This is what a mind blown sounds like. ~> “Say whaaaaat?”

It took me 25 years to figure out just how easy Conair makes it to do my hair #cbias

So what if it took me 25 years and a blogging conference to find my inner girl. All that matters is I have arrived into my two obsessions: filling in my eyebrows and doing my hair.

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