Daily's Frozen Pouches- hard cider, pina colada, spiced sangria

Here’s the deal, I like cocktails. I enjoy the smooth, sweet taste of a cocktail as I drink it like a juice box. Don’t you dare call me a lush!  OK, OK, I might be a little bit of a a big flirt when I’ve loosened up a bit- you caught me. ?

I know you were planning on reading this whole post, and it’s a good thing you were, since there is a giveaway at the end of it!

Now that we have established I am a good time when I’ve had a couple drinks, let’s talk about how expensive of a date I am. Last week we went out for a much needed drink after the funeral viewing and I was feeling pretty good $15 and 1 hour later. I spent $15 on TWO drinks! Remind me again why I don’t drink beer?

I have a solution to all of my fellow expensive lushes out there; get to know and learn to love Daily’s Frozen Pouches! I will be completely honest and say that I am a little skeptical of things packaged like the Daily’s Frozen Pouches. If you are like me then it is high time to get over yourself because the Frozen Pouches I tried were fantastic!


Now I know you all watched that video, right? I will wait so you can actually watch it….

I could drink 7.98 of the Daily’s Frozen Pouches for what I spent on 2 drinks the other night. Who drinks .98 of a cocktail though? Lets just round up to 8 and call it a day, a very enjoyable day! ?

Three of you are going to win a Daily’s insulated lunch tote! You better be 21+ and, as always, drink responsibly if you are entering this giveaway!

Daily's Frozen Pouches giveaway tote

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I am in no way responsible for the amount of fun you will have while drinking Daily’s Frozen Pouches. I am also not responsible for any lush-like trouble you might get yourself into if you don’t drink responsibly. Daily’s Cocktails sent me a gift card to purchase my own Frozen Pouches so I could conduct my review. All opinions and experiences are my own. Cheers to all!

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