Dark Romance Valentine’s Day

How to create a Dark Romance Valentine's Day for you and your loved one

Are you ready for a little dark romance or what? If you want to create something romantic and….. Valentine’s Day-ish, go with purple and black. Purple happens to be the coolest color in the world. Not to mention, purple is the rebel of Valentine’s Day. And black… it can’t get sexier than black. Purple and black. Satin and pleather. All of those combinations go together like peanut butter and jelly. So, let’s plan ourselves a Dark Romance Valentine’s Day…

Full disclosure: I hate sappy Valentine’s Days! I am not into the flowers-because-it’s-a-day-to-give-flowers and all the pressure that comes along with all of it. BUT, I do love a good party, even if it’s a party for 2. And, there’s a lot to love about the colors, flowers, and champagne that make a showing on this day.

And yes, I might be slightly addicted to scouring Oriental Trading and Amazon for good party buys. It’s how I end up with a party store in my garage…

If a not-so-traditional V Day is more your thing, that’s great. But if you’re sold on a party for you and your honey or for a small group? Read on.

How to create a Dark Romance Valentine's Day- surround a dark purple floral centerpiece with votive candles


Purple roses make for a beautiful centerpiece. Try mixing purple water beads with black gems to mix things.

Or, for something really dramatic, try these black flowers with this purple vase.


Lighting is important to set the mood, and candles are a great way to do it. I like to put battery-operated flameless candles inside the candle holders because, well, I don’t like starting fires.

How to create a Dark Romance Valentine's Day- purple feathers, black glitter, and more.

But votives are not my message for today. Nope. The golden nugget of party planning wisdom is…

Create visual appeal with different textures, colors, and layers.

Take this place setting. Of course, they now appear to be out of the exact lavender feathers. But, how great are these? And if you are looking for something a bit more…dramatic, how about these?

How to create a Dark Romance Valentine's Day- Break out the fancy crystal and fine china
How to create a Dark Romance Valentine's Day- Place glitter covered pillar candles on top of mercury glass candle sticks


Oh, and don’t forget to jazz things up with some purple paper lanterns. They’re a breeze to put together. I’ve even used ginormous versions of these lanterns to decorate a ballroom for a 2,000 person event.

How to create a Dark Romance Valentine's Day- Dip strawberries in purple chocolate and drizzle with black chocolate

Food & Drinks!

Time to pop open that champagne or signature cocktail!

Try a rose spritz, a lovebug cocktail, or a 50 Shades Darker inspired Inner Goddess Layered Cocktail.

As far as food goes, make your and your Valentine’s faves.

How to create a Dark Romance Valentine's Day- Serve your spouse's favorite foods

Pour yourself and your significant other a glass of champagne, and… cheers!


How to create a Dark Romance Valentine's Day party

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