MSG for 21+: Special thanks to Wente Vineyards for giving us the opportunity to share one of our date nights, and allowing us to remind the world to slow down and enjoy the journey that is life. #LoveOfTheJourney

Easy ideas to create a romantic date night at home

It’s no secret that 2015 was miserable.

Except for having Maverick. He’s a peach.

When Michael wasn’t at work, he was at school. When Michael was home, he was doing homework or working on who knows what project. Spending time together consisted of sleeping in the same bed. Not to be confused with falling asleep together, or even participating in some big spoon, little spoon action.

We were roommates with different agendas. I wanted him home so I could recover, and he wanted to finish school to provide for his family. Both agendas were valid, but our priorities were jacked, and our relationship suffered.

Adding pictures to a date night is a cute way to remember your favorite memories as a couple

Transform your family room by adding pictures and candles to your date night

And honestly… I would have left him because I (felt like)

 was raising my kids alone, but I needed his health insurance, so I stuck it out. (He hates when I tell people that but it reminds me of how far we’ve come in our relationship. I am proud of our resilience, and I hope that one day our kids recognize the importance of wedding vows and communication.)

Marriage is a journey. A journey that is sometimes crazy difficult.

For real, though. It’s a lot of work.

(I feel like I should say that this is not a confession of adultery for either party, yadda yadda. It’s more like the rock bottom we hit on our way to the good stuff.)

Pick up a bottle of wine from Wente Vineyards for your next date night

Even before we became familiar with Wente Vineyards, we started having ‘stay at home’ date nights.

Real date nights. With real conversations. Sometimes we played cards, and other times we watched our favorite TV show, but no matter what we were doing, we always cracked open a bottle of red. Always. This specific evening we shared the Southern Hills Cabernet Sauvignon, and our next date night we will try the Sandstone Merlot.

For the record… wine glasses are the only real dishes that don’t bunch my panties when I have to hand wash them in the bathroom sink. Yanno, kitchen remodel and all that jazz.

Cannolis and wine are all you need for a last minute date night at home

No date night is complete without sweet treats

And when I remember to pick out a treat while grocery shopping, we enjoy a fancy treat sans children.

Print out questions on cardstock and spend the date night getting to know each other better

Romantic date night questions for you and your spouse

Spending time getting to know my husband during date night

But the real reason our date nights saved our marriage has nothing to do with not having to share the sugary goodness with our kids.

We talk.

About everything.

In a safe environment.

We check our emotions at the awkward stair dividing the kitchen from the family room and speak freely about our fears, insecurities, desires, etc. Which has indirectly strengthened our physical relationship. I feel like we are finally more than just husband and wife on paper.

(I will add the date night questions to this post in the next day or so.)

Add pillows and a blanket to your date night so you can sit on the floor with your spouse

I’m sharing our love story, dirty laundry and all, because you will never truly appreciate the good days until you recognize the storm you just weathered. The Wente family’s story began in 1883, when German immigrant, C.H. Wente immigrated to America with the dream of creating a better life, and our family’s story was reborn just this year. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Important items to include in a date night in a box

Oh… and the beauty of a date night in a box is being able to pack away any unfinished Wente Wine and your random trinkets so you have all of your items ready for the next date night. No excuses.

Did you know that Wente is known as “California’s First Family of Chardonnay.” and is still the oldest continuously-operated, family-owned winery in the country? Pretty cool!


A date night in a box is an easy way to enjoy a date at home

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