Resyndication disclosure for Collective Bias and this princess party

I may never have a princess party because I could very well keep pumping out boys when I finally decide to reproduce again. Keyword- When. If. No babies. Oy!

With that said, I am about to rock your socks with more Disney Dream Party ideas from other bloggers on the campaign. Tonia’s party is first because I adore her. I sort of want to be her when I become a big girl blogger because everything she creates is so pretty, like Martha Stewart pretty. <swoon>

Tonia's princess party disclosure

I had the wonderful opportunity last week to have a Disney Princess party for the girls in my life! We had some big princesses, some little princesses and my friend was even crowned queen. We had such a lovely time and it was a perfect celebration of friendship and summer fun. The princesses were adorable and they were so happy to be at the party. We ate lunch and dessert, played a princess board game, made a couple of princess crafts, decorated a castle on the wall and filled treat bags with all sorts of princess items!

Disney princess party treat bags and party supplies #DreamParty #shop #cbias

Besides a couple of things that I already owned, like the bubbles on the bottom right, I bought all of the party supplies at Walmart! They have a HUGE selection of party supplies! You can find out more about my shopping trip here. The Disney Princess watches, game scrolls, wands and rings were all part of a party favor pack that came with the gift bags. I found the tiaras in the Hallmark party section and the Disney Princess lip gloss with sparkly crowns on top are from the toy department. I put pink dotted washi tape around various sized mason jars and placed all of the party favors in them. That way the girls could easily fill their bags!

Do you want more princess party inspiration?

Not only did Tonia set the scene with adorable princess party supplies, she created a craft to store said princess party supplies in. I refuse to let the cat out of the bag so you have to visit and show her mad housewife follower love. You know you are dying to see the rest of her princess party ideas!

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