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Disney Star Wars Rebels party celebrating the release of Star Wars Rebels #sparkrebellion #shop

It’s no secret that Star Wars is the dominate force in the Schuplin household. Much to Daddy Michael’s chagrin. I hosted a Star Wars baby shower for my sister. Then, earlier this year, I threw her a Star Wars birthday party. And now? Now we have children old enough to know who ‘arth Vader’ is. And no, that wasn’t a typo.

It all started when Aunt Rachael started asking Michael who was in her new tattoo. Things then moved to imitating the ‘pew pew’, and finally came to a DVR full of Disney XD. Disney XD is all up in my business! The life of a mom. Amiright?

Watching the new Star Wars Rebels DVD with her Inquisitor mask. #sparkrebellion #shop

Which means we knew all about Star Wars Rebels. I set the series recording before the words even had a chance to escape from my sister’s mouth. What I wasn’t aware of was the DVD being released exclusively at Walmart (10/3 – 10/13). Which is why I rounded up the troops and we partied. We partied like it was Comic-Con. There was plenty of nerd attire and Han Solo even showed up. Which led to the nerd joke of the evening since I was a pregnant Princess Leia.

Stormtrooper and lightsaber cupcakes for a Disney Star Wars Rebels party #sparkrebellion #shop

Of course there were cupcakes displayed on the Millennium Falcon cake plates Michael HAD TO make for me. I needed them flanking my Star Destroyer centerpiece! My party would have been incomplete without them because I am a diva. (The SUPER DUPER cheap Millennium Falcon tutorial!)

TIE Fighters made out of peppermint patties and Rolos for a Disney Star Wars Rebels party #sparkrebellion #shop

My pride and joy TIE Fighters were simply a Rolo, 2 peppermint patties, and a toothpick through the center.

Decorate a Disney Star Wars party table with Ezra from Hasbro #sparkrebellion #shop

I used a rhyming generator to create fun labels for the stars of Star Wars Rebels.

  • Chopper Whoppers- Whoppers candy
  • Sabine Greens- green vegetable platter

Jedi water supply for a Disney Star Wars Rebels party #sparkrebellion #shop

And, of course, my Jedi water supply.

I also served:

  • Lightsabers- chocolate covered pretzel rods
  • Fruitsabers- fruit kabobs

Party tip: If you are in a pinch, fold a color coordinating paper napkin in thirds and tape it to your water bottles. Easy peasy!

Drink and utensil station for a Disney Star Wars Rebels party #sparkrebellion #shop

Not only do I like to keep my utensils and drinks away from the food, my supporting station served a dual purpose. A purpose you will see towards the end of this party plan!

The suspense! Ahhh!

Bubble wand 'lightsaber' party favors for a Disney Star Wars Rebels party #sparkrebellion #shop

Normally you send guests home with a party favor tag that says ‘may the force be with you’. That’s just what you do for a Star Wars party. Except for this one. For this party I went with ‘it is your destiny’ tags on the blue bubble wands with grey duct tape handles because I set the favors next to my utensil ‘may the forks be with you’ sign. You don’t have to do the same unless you are a whackadoodle like myself.

Party tip: You do NOT need to purchase pre-made Star Wars labels on Etsy. I repeat, you do NOT need to spend money on something as simple as labels because the Star Wars font is FREE. Load that puppy into PicMonkey and print your labels on cardstock!

Dress up station for a Disney Star Wars Rebels party #sparkrebellion #shop

My guests’ ages might have ranged from 2-nearly 30 but everyone dressed up. There were lightsabers, buckets, masks, costumes, and my ironic husband dressed up in his Trekkie garb. You do not have to spend oodles of cash on the dress up station if you don’t have a closet full of toys to begin with. My friends brought .99 glow sticks for lightsabers, a few found plastic Stormtrooper masks for $5 each, and I spent maybe $5 on 3 light sabers.

You will save a lot of money if you think outside of the box.

Making lightsabers for a Disney Star Wars Rebels party #sparkrebellion #shop

How about a quick and dirty lightsaber tutorial since I brought it up?

  • I purchased a package of 3 craft foam sticks. (40% off $4.99)
  • Then I covered the sticks with 3 strips of blue duct tape. (Previously purchased)
  • And I finished off the handle using grey duct tape. (Previously purchased)

See? So simple. So cheap. And, in my opinion, easier than pool noodles when it comes to the hands of little people. I will share the full duct tape tutorial in a few weeks!

Inquisitor lightsaber door decoration for a Disney Star Wars Rebels party. #sparkrebellion #shop

I picked up two Inquisitor lightsabers for my door decoration because, well… I am a perfectionist who thought they were pretty rad. I attached them with floral wire before hanging the final piece on the front door. Presentation! Presentation! Presentation!

Boba Fett buckets for a Disney Star Wars Rebels party #sparkrebellion #shop

But wait, that’s not all! All of the Star Wars toys scattered throughout my party plan are made by Hasbro. You will even find them at Walmart.com if you don’t want to head to a physical store. There are a ton of toys out there! Trust me on this one. I hooked my sister’s Christmas up so hard this year. Buy all the toys! Every last one of them!

Purchasing the Star Wars Rebels DVD at Walmart #sparkrebellion #shop

Don’t forget to check out the movie section for your own copy of Star Wars Rebels.

Now get out there and party!


Disney Star Wars Rebels party ideas food, party favors, decorations, and activities. #sparkrebellion #shop

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