I have this BFF named Lindsay Decker and she is amazing. I’m sure you knew that already because you are so loyal that you never miss a post, you think I am the gospel and you can’t live without me. Hmm… exaggerate much? I guess it just makes me feel better to think that goes through your head. I sent her this Elmer’s board craft that I found on Pinterest and it was at my house for Michael’s birthday party in no time. Wham-bam-thank you ma’am!

I love her and have since asked her to carry my babies! Seriously… my uterus hurts enough after one baby.

Michael’s first birthday party was INSANE! I wouldn’t have changed it for anything though. Well, maybe, I would have gotten more sleep since I looked like a total zombie by the end of the party. The crabs wouldn’t have made it to the party if I would have slept though. Hmm… decisions, decisions.

I am pretty lucky to say that I have some rad best friends. Think about it. What CHILDLESS adults would hang out in at a child’s birthday party and make funny faces in the ‘photo booth’ area?  Mine would and I wouldn’t trade these crazy mofos for the world. Maybe I would have traded the little Asian dude but he gave me 500 Beanie Babies to donate so he got to stay. ?

PS: I think these are a must have for every party so I would jump on the band wagon.

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