DIY football bleachers for a Denver Broncos football themed party

These DIY football bleachers are hands down the most practical craft, project, thingie-ma-jig I have forced asked Michael to help with to date. I used them for my football party and turned around the following weekend and used them for my dual birthday party weekend! Which means all of the bitching we did in public while picking out the supplies was totally worth it. <sarcasm>

We haven’t made it to the marital bliss project doers status quite yet because I know I’m right and he thinks he knows what the crap I’m visualizing in my head. Men…

DIY Football Bleachers supplies


Applying wood glue for a stronger hold on my DIY Football Bleachers
  • Step 1- Cut each board in half.
  • Step 2- Use wood glue for the first bonding layer.

I have to give credit where credit is due and say Michael helped a ton with these football bleachers. For real, like a crap ton a lot. Well, except for that first night where he over thought the project and started splitting the wood, yadda yadda. You know, it was the ‘let’s see how many mistakes we can make before the wifey spazzes out’ night. It wasn’t a divorce worthy night of ‘oh shits’, it was more like a ‘pour me another or I’m going to bed’ type of night!

Squaring out my DIY football bleachers
  • Step 3- SUPER DUPER important step because making sure the bleachers are square will make or break your entire project.
  • Step 4- We figured out that using a staple gun was better than using tiny nails because Michael wasn’t able to nail straight down. The moral of this step… do whatever works.
Drilling the banner holes in my DIY football bleachers
  • Step 5- Cut the dowel into 4 pieces (each just shy of 6 inches) and screw them into the ‘seat’ portion of the bleachers.
  • Step 6- Drill an angled hole for the pennant banner rods. We had these rods extend 1 foot above the bleachers.
Attaching the banner poles on my DIY football bleachers
  •  Step 7- Paint everything white and let ’em dry!

Viola! DIY football bleachers!

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