DIY football field- goal posts, bleachers, and more

The only football party craft left to share with you guys is the DIY football field. Yippee! This post happens to the the most important aspect of the football party (outside of the TV) because you sort of NEED these projects for your party table to fit the theme!

{Pause for a shout out!}

I have to give Michael mad props for these goal posts because he was a good little slave boy during the entire football party process. What can I say? I get a little demanding when I’m in the party zone.

Putting together the goal posts for the DIY football field


Creating a 'flush' fit for neater looking goal posts to finish the DIY football field
  • Step 3- I don’t know what the process is called but Michael did something, with that one thingy in the garage and it gave the goal posts a cleaner look because the (2) 9 inch verticals became flush with the horizontal piece.
  • Step 4- A little wood glue, a few nails and the goal post is ready for yellow paint!
Attaching the base to the goal posts for the DIY football field
  • Step 5- Find a piece of wood (We used leftover trim.) you can cut into a square for the base. It doesn’t matter what type of wood you use as long the square is large enough to support the goal post.
  • Step 6- SCREW the post to the base. Do NOT use a nail because it will loosen and fall over. Trust me.
DIY football field- goal posts, bleachers, and field

Throw in some grass carpet (don’t go cheap) and bleachers and you have yourself a football party! Yippee skippee!

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