Football party idea- DIY football tower centerpiece with football themed suckers

Are you excited for my DIY football tower? Oh my, please be excited because I’m in love. Like mommy love, without all of the delightful repetition and countless poopy diapers. I would pinch its chubby little cheeks and break my googoo-gaga rule if it actually had cheeks and shit.

{I’m making a heart shape with my hands right now to prove my point.}

DIY football tower supplies


You need a 12 inch and 8 inch foam circle for a DIY football tower

I purchased my circles at Joann Fabric and Craft Stores because it was easy but HOLY HELL are they expensive! The 12×4 circle was $15.99! SIXTEEN dollars! I about had a heart attack.

Loctite PL300 Foamboard Adhesive is the best glue for a DIY football tower

Moving on from that shock…

PL300 is the perfect adhesive for foam. And trust me when I say, I tried (failing each time) multiple products during this project. (Kudos to Mr. Schuplin for his suggestion!)

Tracing and using a rotary cutter to make the circle out of football card stock for a DIY football tower

Tracing the circle sounds like a no-brainer, and it can be, but foam circles aren’t perfect so it has the potential to turn into a bit of a puzzle if you forget which side is up. That said, adding the brown trim around the edge helps hide imperfections so you don’t have to look at your mistakes. You guys know that I twitched a little more each day that went by without the trim finish.

The 12 inch DIY football tower requires extra football scrapbook paper.

The 12×4 circle requires an extra strip of football paper that is easily cut from one of the 2 pieces required for the larger circle. This third piece has the potential to look like crap because it’s a puzzle, but it doesn’t matter AS much if you put it in the back with a smaller level on top.

Final steps:

  • Glue the paper to the top of the circles.
  • Cut 4 inch strips of fake grass carpet, put glue on the back of the carpet, and wrap the circle until the ends meet.
  • Glue the trim of your choice around the top edges to hide the minor shaky scissors and/or knife mistakes.

Viola! You now have the cutest football tower that doubles as a cake pop stand!

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