DIY Millennium Falcon Cake Stand

Stormtrooper and lightsaber cupcakes for a Disney Star Wars Rebels party #sparkrebellion #shop

Let’s talk about how high maintenance I can be for a minute. I might shower an undisclosed number of times each week, but there are certain things I cannot live without. Like, NARS concealer and obsessive party details.

Don’t roll your eyes at me!

My Millennium Falcon cake stands were a NEED for my Star Wars Rebels party. A must have. The success of my party plan depended on Michael helping me with these bad mamajammas. First world problems, for sure!

Using a jigsaw to cut out the Millenium Falcon template for the DIY Millennium Falcon Cake Stand

Millennium Falcon Supplies:

Michael started his half of the project by printing out the Millennium Falcon template. (Note- You will need 2 sheets of paper, taped together.) Next, he found a piece of scrap hardboard and traced the image. Finally, he was able to be manly and use a jigsaw to cut out the beginning of my Star Wars party.

I was a VERY happy girl.

Why hardboard? Because we had leftovers from a quick fix house project. Read… it was free.

Was I a little twitchy because the edges were unfinished and a little frayed? Yes, yes I was. Gotta love a little OCD!

Did it work? It absolutely did.

I started my portion of our Millenium Falcon cake stands by attaching one of the many empty snack containers from my recycling stash to the bottom of the hardboard. I opted to glue the lid to the base because the last upcycled cupcake tower I made takes up too much space in my green bin. With this one, I am able to detach the base for easy storage!

TIE Fighters made out of peppermint patties and Rolos for a Disney Star Wars Rebels party #sparkrebellion #shop

So, whatcha think?

  1. The price sure was on point! We were only out of pocket the price of the paint because we had the rest of the supplies at home.
  2. They add an extra level of detail a party guest might not expect before walking in the door.
  3. They were flipping easy to put together.

Mission completed! Pass GO! and collect $200. Winning at Life. Game over.

Do a girl a favor and pin the DIY Millennium Falcon cake stand tutorial!

DIY Millennium Falcon cake stand tutorial.


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