DIY pennant banners for the New England Patriots

This DIY pennant banner is SO easy to do if you have some boob tube to catch up on because it’s a little reptitive and a whole lotta ba-ba-ba-boring. It’s absolutely worth the extra charm, but uh… don’t say I didn’t warn you. Mmmmkay?

Cutting card stock for DIY pennant banners

For the Broncos, I cut the blue card stock into 3 inch squares and the orange into 2 inch squares. For the Patriots, I cut 3 inch, 2 inch, and 1 inch squares in each color because they are a tri-color team.

A rotary cutter and self healing mat are must have tools for DIY pennant banners

If you don’t own a self healing mat and a rotary cutter, I can’t be your friend. I kid. I will be your friend but I won’t come over for a craft party because my life was forever changed the moment I was given my babies. And not like forever changed as in ripped vagina, more along the lines of efficiency if-ya-know-what-I-mean!

1 inch card stock triangles for DIY pennant banners

This goes without saying, but I will say it anyway, the point should be in the middle of the square. (e.g. The point on the 3 inch square would be at the 1.5 inch mark.) Duh, right? Agreed!

Note- Don’t worry about minor imperfections because nobody will notice unless you invite a bunch of OCD friends (read: me) to your party. 

1 inch on top of 2 inch card stock for DIY pennant banners

I ended up using my fancy craft glue, which is a waste of money, because it was already out from another project and I didn’t want to walk upstairs. I totally would have used a glue stick if I would have been able to get up from the chair indent I made from the previous steps in this craft.

Kidding. I’m just THAT lazy.

One option for attaching the hemp string to a DIY pennant banner

And now you know my dirty little secret. I don’t care how you connect your twine, so long as there is an inch in between each one. Glue it. Tape it. Whatever works for you is A-OK with me!

DIY pennant banners for the Denver Broncos


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