I know Michael isn’t the only person out there with enough coffee cups to fill a coffee shop. Where do they all come from? Why do the shelves of Goodwill fill up with all of the coffee cups that aren’t personalized? How do you turn your family member into Coffee Cup Hoarding Anoynomous? These are the important questions, people!

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Enough coffee cups to fill a coffee shop {Horrible Housewife}

(Someone should tell Michael he needs to organize his coffee cups better. Or toss a few.)


His coffee cups are a little lame on the selection, right? You wouldn’t be lying if you said Michael’s coffee cup selection looked like a bunch of Goodwill misfits. (Outside of his super rad computer one from you know who!) I wouldn’t be able to sell these bad boys at a garage sale for a measly quarter! To me, coffee cups are like cards– if they aren’t personalized then what’s the point? Chuck them if they don’t add value to your life!

Personalized coffee cups that make a coffee shop cute {Horrible Housewife}

Daddy Michael has a favorite coffee cup that I made him when he was a newbie daddy. He informed me that he was getting harped on in the office because it is a coffee mug adorned with Michael’s hospital pictures. Well yeah, your mug should show off your kid’s mullet, dirty habits, and/or chubby glory! The mullet is a hands down requirement for a personalized coffee mug. I heard through the grapevine chicks dig mullets. I can’t say I blame a girl who likes a little party in the back!

Can you guess what Daddy Michael is getting for his birthday? Uh, duh! He is going to get new personalized mugs so he can flaunt our son’s derriere while drinking his daily pot of coffee. Now, I can’t promise you a cup with the cutest patootie you have ever seen, but you can enter to win your own right now!

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I really love the hilarious card options that Treat offers and couldn’t say no when they offered me product for a review. Their cards are flipping funny so go, run over and check out their photo cards, gift cards, personalized mugs and desktop easels. You won’t be disappointed! As always, the opinions expressed here are my own.

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