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Wine with Mallery- Does Parenting Get Easier After 2 Glasses of Wine

Apparently, the first million dollar question for Wine with Mallery is, ‘Does parenting get easier after 2 glasses of wine’? This Horrible Housewife says hell to the yes! Of course, this is as I sit here pretty freaking buzzed. Why do I have the best buzzes by myself? (What woman doesn’t have the best buzzes by herself?) I swear I don’t have a big problem…

Wie with Mallery cliff notes for those who can’t watch the video…

I have this friend, who is married to this guy, who may or may not be model material. (The verdict is still out on that one.) This Zoolander-esque man is the one who wanted to know ‘does parenting gets easier after 2 glasses of wine’. Dude! Get on my level and act a fool!

  • Kids like funny, drinking makes you funny.
  • Kids like to play, drinking makes you playful.
  • Kids like to make messes, drinking makes you care less.
  • Kids like to wake up early, drinking makes you hungover…

That last one is the only negative in this whole equation. That’s when you tell your child, “You should call Grandma and tell her how much you want to come over and play!” That is, until they are old enough to tell Grandma that you made them call and ask to come over. My kid is going to be so screwed up…

Casillero del Diablo Winemaker’s Red Blend 2011

Let me get this out of the way first… YYYYYYYYYYYUUUUMMM! This red wine has been one the most enjoyable orgasms I have ever had in my mouth! There is a hint of sweetness as you take a sip and it finishes with a little spice. It is such a well balanced wine! This 13.5% wine from Chile will only set you back $8.98 at Sam’s Club. That’s great news for every cheapo out there!

Ps: Why does my nose RUN so freaking much when I do a video? I swear I only sniffle when I’ve been drinking. ?

Hide the sneakers because I am coming for your hair!

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