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Bloating or regular bowel movements? Non-GMO, organic, vegan, gluten free or a chemical feeding frenzy? Those are serious questions to think about when you are traveling, and I realized how incredibly easy it is for that line to blur when you are the ONLY person who cares about these things in the middle of BFE Iowa. I’m talking, there was a McDonalds, Subway, and a diner by our hotel. It was awful.

Traveling with Sambazon super food juices helps keep you on track with your juicing lifestyle #momsmeet

Boy did I have fabulous intentions for this trip. I was a good girl and packed almonds, cashews, apples, water, and plenty of Sambazon Açaí superfood juices! For real, man, I was all about not TOTALLY blowing my lifestyle during our bereavement travel, but that was a flipping pipe dream. There weren’t any healthy pit stops, nor was there anything we could do about our hotel being IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. I wanted to cry because a person can only live on what I packed for so long. And let’s be honest, when a juicy burger is in front of you, regardless of where it is from, you want to get your grub on nom nom nom style.

*Insert artificially flavored tears here*

How to create a DIY hotel refrigerator for your Sambazon Acai Super Food Juices #momsmeet

Do you know how I know we were in BFE Iowa? Our hotel didn’t have an elevator and it sure as heck didn’t have a refrigerator. Sigh… That meant I had to think about what I was going to do with my precious Sambazon juices. And that’s when I had a light bulb moment! (Cut a girl some slack for the lack of light bulb moments!) I could make an ice box refrigeratorDing ding ding! What do we have for her, Johnny? 

My ice box refrigerator was a bit labor intensive but it worked. Unfortunately, my super food juices weren’t enough to keep me on track during the month long bereavement period because I sit here tonight with too many body parts thinkin‘ they are JELL-O!

Sambazon super food juices are fabulous for travel and would be great for an early morning commute when juicing really isn’t conducive to your morning routine. And since I care about your bloating, one winner will receive three free product vouchers, plus a wooden bowl and spoon valued at $45.

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