Duct tape water bottles for sports parties

I am currently OBSESSED with duct tape water bottles! I had no idea Duck Tape made SO MANY different designs! Heck, they even make glow in the dark tape now. I guess that means I have to throw a trash can pill party next month….

Just kidding, mom!


Supplies for duct tape water bottles
  • Step 1- Remove the label from the water bottles because it just looks sloppy if you aren’t SUPER exact as you wrap the bottle. I ended up using one of the indents in the actual bottle for my ‘level’ guide.
Duck Tape with NFL team logos for duct tape water bottles at a football party

And if your party doesn’t have rules and shit like mine did, use the NFL licensed duct tape and skip the rest of the steps!  Wham-Bam-Thank you-ma’am annnnnddd done!

My football party would have been badass if I would have had Broncos and Patriots water bottles. So badass!

Creating Denver Broncos themed duct tape water bottles for a football party

If you have rules and shit, you are still reading this post because you sort of need the rest of the tutorial. Amiright or amiright?

  • Step 2- Wrap the normal duct tape around the bottle.
  • Step 3- Take the narrow duct tape and place it in the middle of the first color to create a stripe

And that’s a wrap! *ba dum tssk*

Making tri color duct tape water bottles for a New England Patriots football party

And if you have a tri-color team, like the Patriots, you will take the narrow duct tape and overlap it in the middle so you end up with all three colors. Don’t fret, you will cover up the seam with a narrow version of the third color.

EASY PEASY! For real, guys! I made water bottles at the breakfast table… because that’s what normal people do.

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