I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community and you guys know what that means! That means they bribed me with a new electronic device AND another excuse to throw a party as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and their advertiser. Getting paid to throw a party and score one of the best electronics out there? Sign-Me-Up! 

We upgraded our favorite electronic device to a Smart TV by LG #onebuyforall #shop #cbias


I’m going to admit something that might make you think less (if that’s even possible) of me. Ready? I don’t know diddly squat when it comes to electronic devices like TVs! Like nadda. Like my toddler might know as much as I do. Why, you ask? Because I married into technology and I like for him to feel like my knight in shining armor on occasion! Yanno, because saving me from technology blunders feeds his needy ego. Ha!

The latest and greatest electronic devices make watching cartoons all day easier for moms everywhere! #onebuyforall #shop #cbias

You might not think 5 inches is much to talk about in a TV upgrade, but 5 inches makes a WORLD of difference! (That’s what she said.) We upgraded from a 55 to a 60 and let me tell you… Ryder is looking mighty fine as he wrangles the pups from one mission to the next.

Oh my, what has motherhood done to me?

It has filled my DVR with cartoons and made me appreciate stores that have ‘cars’ for carts. I swear, shopping for our new TV would have been disastrous without the ability to drive Michael around in the car. Or was it him towing me around? Who knows. But what I do know is this, the cars keeping Michael away from the store full of electronic devices gives Best Buy’s Home Theater Buying Guide a run for its money in the convenience department!

Utilizing Geek Squad's services to set up and deliver our new electronic device. #onebuyforall #shop #cbias

Listen here my fellow {not so TV savvy, forced to watch Paw Patrol ALL DAY LONG so it better look good, what do you mean HDMI cable?} TV owners. Geek Squad is sort of like that elusive moment you cherish on the throne before your child barges in screaming, “Mommy POOP!”

Why did it take 26 years to experience Geek Squad?

You see, I have been deprived of the Geek Squad services my entire life because hooking up a man’s TV is sort of like another male dog marking his territory in HIS man cave, or, in my case, stealing the knight in shining armor title. Except… Geek Squad is sort of amazing. Not only that, but every woman loves a person who is nice to their child, especially after the 5th consecutive ‘what’s he doin’ or ‘TV broke’.

Geek Squad was a dream come true because they had the cords and screws we needed, they took away the enormous box for us, they hooked up our fancy pants new TV, they mounted said TV, they tested our internet speeds on our Smart TV, and one of the guys even told us about his 2 year old daughter so we didn’t feel as bad when the new set of toddler questions went into rapid fire mode. Sigh… Geek Squad is fabulous. (Said in my best fangirl, McDreamy lovin’ voice.)


Best Buy's associates are helpful when purchasing electronic devices #onebuyforall #shop #cbias

I am all for online shopping when it comes to electronic devices, due to the convenience and generally a better deal, but when it comes to TV’s, you have to do your research before going in to the store; otherwise, with so many choices, you can be overwhelmed as to which one will best suit your needs. Going to Best Buy, I had a good idea of what we wanted, but still had to decide between a couple different models.

Even better, Best Buy’s Low Price Guarantee will match the online prices so you don’t even have to question whether you overpaid or not. For us, Best Buy was the lowest price, so we didn’t even utilize their guarantee!

A dad setting up electronic devices with his son. #onebuyforall #shop #cbias

We bought the LG 60LN5600, a mid-range offering from LG, that boasts 120Hz, LED back-lit, 1080p, and a 60″ screen. This unit is loaded with features and the apps that LG offers are plentiful and very easy to use. There is even a wizard in the TV to help calibrate the picture to your own viewing preference.

Honestly, I was really torn between this unit and some comparable plasma offerings; however, with the development of LED technology, this TV offers almost as good a picture, with about half the energy usage of a plasma.

The LG 60LN5600 is a wonderful addition to our family room, not to mention the accessories my loving wife agreed to, and is ready for countless hours of crystal clear cartoons for many years to come.

#OneBuyForAll #CollectiveBias

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