Michael is really a little stressed and frustrated from the chaos that is adulting, notably our lack of a kitchen, so Gerber and Linqia gave him the opportunity to find the calm in the chaos and remember that it’s all worth it. #GrowingUpGerber

Give your kids a break from the chaos and play outside

We rushed into buying our house while my wife was pregnant with our first child, Michael. At the time getting a great deal on a house that needed work and completing a home renovation seemed like a great idea

Unfortunately, I had no idea how my life was going to change once we signed the purchase agreement. Fast forward 5 years, not only do we have one child, but now two. During that period I went back to school to finish my degree, and once I finally graduated in December of 2015, I thought the stress would stop.

Not the case. It reformed into other areas.

During the chaos of a kitchen remodel, it's important to make time for the kids

Memorial Day weekend we began the largest renovation of them all, a full kitchen renovation. We learned from our family room how to deal with renovations, but this one proved to be a little different. Not only is the kitchen the main focus of our house, but it truly disrupts everything else. I have a dishwasher in my foyer, a fridge in my living room. What used to be my dining room has transformed into a hotel style coffee bar and playroom, and we do dishes in the bathroom sink. The bathroom sink!

There is nothing in my house that is immune to the scope of this project. Not even the upstairs. Apparently kids continue to grow no matter how large the renovation is; therefore, requiring totes upon totes of clothing to replenish their flood ready pants. Who would have thunk it?

Have I mention that I started the master bath last year and the toilet is still in my garage?

Can’t life just pause until we have a dishwasher, and maybe even a stove again?

Playing with giant beach balls in the backyard with the kids

Last summer, I was pushing to get done with school so I took a summer class in each of the shortened semesters and was done at twice the pace of a standard class. So, for my first summer off I wanted to do things like get the 6 feet tall wood pile from when I took trees down 3 years ago (Frankie the woodchuck calls it home.) cleaned up. I wanted to take some day trips and enjoy Michigan. I wanted to spend time with my family.

I had plans for this summer.

Playing with giant beach balls is an easy backyard activity for kids

And then, just as I was in the middle of mudding and sanding the kitchen, Mallery asked me to take the weekend off and prolong the joy that is drywall. It would not be polite to repeat the words I used to describe her idea when she approached me with it, but I reluctantly agreed to her terms.

This Father's Day, take a break from the chaos and have a water balloon fight with your kids

Saturday we got some time to ourselves and saw Captain America: Civil War, the first movie I have seen in theaters in over two years. Afterwards, in preparation for our family time on Sunday, I was tasked with setting up the inflatable pool. Only to find out after three hours of inflating and filling it with water that there was a hole in it.

Then, when I thought I could relax for the evening, it was arts and crafts time. I spent an hour hot gluing little beach balls to fishing line so she could hang them behind the food table. Seriously, who does that?

Water balloons are a fun way to take a break from the chaos

It was the day of our family playdate and I was still frustrated with the lack of progress being made in the kitchen, but I tried to be helpful and asked what I could do to help her prepare. Bad idea. I spent the next two hours carrying things outside and inflating water balloons.

I would rather do plumbing (which I hate because I always get wet) than inflate water balloons.

Water balloon fights are fun for kids of all ages

Colored water balloons make water balloon fights messy fun

Water balloons are an easy way to take a break from the chaos and play with the kids

When the time finally came to enjoy the fruits of our labor, I was ready for the fruit to be mixed in a glass with lots of rum. That feeling passed as soon as the water balloon fight began.

Michael loved every minute of it, and I got wet but it didn’t matter. Even the little one got involved as he tried to pick up the balloons and throw them. Their laughter was contagious.

Taking a Sunday to play in the backyard with the kids is worth it

Oh, I almost forgot! Our backyard was full of beach balls! Serious ones, like a 5 ft in diameter beach ball that the kids pushed around the yard. They loved it. And you know, so did I.

Taking a moment from the chaos to play in the pool with your kids is worth it

For a period of time during a beautiful Michigan Sunday afternoon, all of my worries went away and I was actually able to enjoy the moment, a very precious afternoon outdoors playing with simple, albeit oversized toys with my family.

I got wet. I didn’t care.

I jumped in the freezing pool because Michael asked me to. I didn’t care.

The organized chaos of a family day is worth every ounce of exhaustion

Perhaps the summer won’t go exactly like I had imagined it, but the moments like our Sunday afternoon make it all worth it.

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