When you are growing a fetus the last thing you want to experience is a first trimester bleed. Is this a miscarriage? Will I have a miscarriage? Why am I bleeding? Did I do something wrong? Was I under too much stress? Did I not eat enough ‘healthy food’? This is all my fault. All my fault.

Surviving a first trimester bleed and seeing the anatomy ultrasound at 18 weeks 5 days pregnant.

I can sit here and virtually slap the crazy worry out of you until we are both blue in the face, but it won’t help. It will not do a bit of good until you are able to put the pads and pantyliners so far under your sink you forget you have them and run out to buy more before you deliver. Truth.

I know this because (as of 8/24) I was that person. My initial bleed was 7/19 (11w2d). I rocked a pantyliner until 8/23-ish. From 8/23 on things turned into more of a discharge swirled with a bit of brown blood. Phew! The sense of relief that comes with a crotch that no longer oozes brown goo all day, every day is the best feeling ever.


At least that’s what my lady bits doctor says happened. I have no clue when the hematoma formed. I have no idea why it formed. All I know is when the subchorionic bleed took place. And I will never forget maintaining my composure as I gushed blood into my chair while Michael opened his presents. It reminded me of the gushes that a woman in labor experiences after her water breaks (or is broken).

My crotch doctor said they usually see spotting from bleeds stop in 2-3 weeks and that if I really needed peace of mind, I could go in for an ultrasound to see how much fluid was left chillin’ in my womb. Except, my high risk doctor ordered additional third trimester ultrasounds and we could run into an insurance thing since the anatomy scan was 3-ish weeks away.

We opted to wait it out.


No more mandated bed rest even though I still spend a lot of time resting for reasons dealing more with my Multiple Sclerosis and migraines. That’s another story for a different day, though.

I am still unable to workout. Which sucks. I’m losing muscle mass and my thighs are touching due to the bed rest and my love for everything that is so not paleo. Losing muscle is very hard to swallow for a person who likes to lift things up and put them down. (<~ Get it? Planet Fitness? Hardy har har.) But then I remind myself that I am growing a little person and I sort of talk myself back from crazy.

I was so looking forward to the lack of MS symptoms so I could be a gym rat without stupid limitations.

Keep in mind:

  • Bleeding hurts. Sometimes it hurts a lot. Just keep wiping and invest in black panties.
  • Knowing your baby has a heartbeat is one of the best ways to ease your mind.
  • Watching your baby do jumping jacks is even better.
  • What is sex? Pelvic rest was included in my bleed package, giving me one less responsibility to worry about.
  • You are now part of the 20% of first trimester bleeders! <~ Not official. That is just the number I heard a lot during my time spent bleeding.

Update 9/9/14- My anatomy ultrasound found another hemorrhage, so I might have to come back in around 24 weeks.

Update 9/18/14- At my 20 week appointment, my OB said the next ultrasound would be at 28 weeks, versus 24, and no sex or working out. Meh.

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