TeeChia Blueberry Date is a gluten free cereal containing the super seeds you need to kick the food cravings. {Horrible Housewife}

I said goodbye to my Goldfish food cravings last week! Woo hoo! I finally decided to drop the fishies when I saw the pictures in my fashion guru post… I was CRANK-EE! I was so cranky that I lit into Michael like he was a 4th of July firework because he wanted me to try on skinny jeans, when I knew they were too snug. Let’s just say he had to throw away his outfit due to the burn holes from my eyes.

Him- Try these skinny jeans on.
Me- They don’t fit right because I’m the size of a cow right now.
Him- C’mon, just do it! It’s not fair that I wasn’t home to see you in the pants.
Me- <Enter PMS rant with a lot of vulgar words.>

Confession- I didn’t know what a super seed was until TeeChia arrived on my doorstep. I’m pretty open about how I live under a rock when it comes to all of these new healthy foods. I rely heavily on my health nut BFF when it comes to style and healthy foods. Chia, what? How do you pronounce quinoa? Where do I buy kale? You think I’m joking! I feel like keeping up with the newest healthy food is comparable to keeping up with all of the social media sites bloggers use.

TeeChia is a gluten free cereal containing the super seeds you need to kick the food cravings. {Horrible Housewife}

It looks like a delicious gluten free cereal, doesn’t it? Don’t you want to eat it all up? It turns out I’m too much of a picky eater to enjoy these super seeds. I am what you would call a texture snob. A picky eater. The anti-health nut. I took a few bites and said no way.

It’s not that TeeChia was bad, it just isn’t for me. Michael is eating it daily and tells me all the time that I need to get over my weird food preferences and eat the things that are good for me. I do eat healthy foods! Unlike him, I will try things once and be done with it if it doesn’t tantalize my taste buds enough. Maybe when I grow up I will like all of the foods he likes? One can hope.

Horrible Housewife learned that food cravings are no matche for Saffron Hunger Chews from ReBody


I tried out some mandarin orange Re-Body Hunger Chews and all I can say is yuck. I had Michael and two of my friends try them to make sure this wasn’t me being a picky eater. My suspicions were validated when all four of us wound up with scrunched noses and a quick water chaser to get rid of the aftertaste; which is why it pains me to say that the hunger chews DID curb my appetite. I think the Re-Body Hunger Caps would be a much better choice if you are looking for something to control your food cravings.

Horrible Housewife said no to food cravings and still gaines weight.

I dropped my Goldfish habit and replaced it with the cotton pony this weigh in. That means I am bloated as all get out and I even did really good with my food choices and water intake this week! Ugh! Although, I am happy I don’t feel food bloated this time. This week I feel like my uterus wants to jump out of my body screaming, “No more babbbbieesssss!”

I’m hopeful going into this week!

As a member of the Naturally Savvy blogging program I received ReBody Hunger Chews and TeeChia in order to facilitate my review. All opinions and pictures are my own.

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