I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This football party has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser. Ermahgerd, I was paid to buy popular electronics and PAR-tay! I almost had a heart attack when they told me the news!

Football party idea- Easy party food, football decorations, and more #onebuyforall #shop #cbias

Let’s talk about my party addiction before we get to the actual party, mmmkay? What comes across as obsession compulsive (At least I embrace it.) will make sense in a moment.

Do you remember playing Barbies as a young whippersnapper? Most little girls fall into the ‘story’ of Barbies, others are obsessed with putting together outfits, and some little girls are bored once the oversized dollhouse is designed. I shouldn’t have to explain where I fit the best.

And now that the stereotyping is over, let me introduce you to my latest and greatest party creation!

Football Party Decorations

Football party idea- DIY football tower centerpiece with football themed suckers #onebuyforall #shop #cbias

I feel like beginning this football party journey with my DIY football tower, AKA the apple of my eye. It all started one day as I was sketching out the party blueprints. (Yes, blueprints.) I was feeling mighty proud of said blueprints until I realized there was a BIG GAP in the middle of my DIY goal posts! The HORROR!

Meh, it was a happy mistake because this baby ended up being the perfect project to give the table one more dynamic level of interest.

Football party idea- Football plastic cups, napkins, and plates #onebuyforall #shop #cbias

Oh, and hey, I’m sorry but red Solo cups and boring paper products are so 2013. Just no. Stand with me as I put traditional paper products to bed! As party planners, WE have endless products to assist our party themes and yucky paper products don’t look pretty. All we have to do is embrace the change!

(I have no idea what came over me just now! I guess I’m passionate about boring plates and napkins. *Shrugs*)

Football Party Desserts

Football party idea- Team color bunting over the bleachers of cupcakes #onebuyforall #shop #cbias

I can’t even jerk your chain when it comes to the DIY team pennant banner. These banners were hands down the most mundane project of this entire game day party plan because I had to sit in one place and do the same thing over and over again. They ended up being more than worth it in the end but man… that was an evening I will never see again!

Football party idea- Mini football helmets make great cupcake toppers #onebuyforall #shop #cbias

Shopping tip- You can find these cupcake liners on Etsy & the helmets on

No Schuplin party is complete without the perfect cupcake and my DIY football bleachers! I don’t do cakes. I sometimes do cookies. But cupcakes… the Schuplin household is ALL ABOUT cupcakes! Why? Because cupcakes are stupid easy to serve and you should always capitalize on the chance to turn food into a party decoration. ALWAYS!

Football party idea- Easy cream puff dessert and team color candies #onebuyforall #shop #cbias

Party tip- Colored candy in vases or bowls are the sweetest party accent if you are looking to add a pop of color to your theme.

And if you guests aren’t into cupcakes or candies, I have an easy solution for you. Sam’s Club has amazing cream puffs (Which always seem to be included in the weekend samples.) that you can toss into a bowl and call it a day!

Note- I promise I won’t ever steer you wrong when it comes to planning a party. My husband? Sure. A fellow party planner? Neva!


Football party idea- Easy party foods like meatball, buffalo chicken dip, and more #onebuyforall #shop #cbias

And now for the food! Oh my is the food one of the most important pieces of a party!

  • Step 1- Ask your party guests for suggestions. This is imperative to offer something like personal nachos when you have guests with dietary restrictions.
  • Step 2- Go to Sam’s Club and see what you can snag there. (Tyson wings, meatballs, chips, cream puffs, vegetable platters, and more.)
  • Step 3- Step away from the gourmet, made from scratch, food you can’t prep the night before dishes! I learned this lesson the hard way more times than I care to admit because I was such an ambitious (read: n00b) party planner. This step is hands down the biggest tip I have for a SOLO party planner who has an elaborate party design and needs to get pictures before the event begins.

Football party idea- Slow cooker cheese dip and 7 layer dip in a football tray #onebuyforall #shop #cbias

Take this cheese dip and 7 layer dip for example. Both dishes are homemade, but both dishes can be prepped a day in advance and plopped on the table before the shindig begins. Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Football party idea- Potato skins one referee plates and individual nachos in football themed cups #onebuyforall #shop #cbias

Party tip- I think of personal nachos much like I do cupcakes, easy to serve and less of a mess. 

I had a stroke of genius when I came up with the idea for personal nachos because no guest enjoys the orgy of germs that comes from finger foods. Watching people dig into a group plate of nachos is absolutely a 10 on the gagarific scale. Blech!


Football party idea- Referee rootbeer covers #onebuyforall #shop #cbias

Party tip- Every. Stinkin’. Detail. Matters!

I don’t care who you are, my root beer referees are adorable! (And yes, they are bottles of root beer from a microbrewery because that’s how Michael rolls.) I ALMOST included the picture of Leah drinking one but blog trolls feed on pictures without context, soooo I skipped it in an effort not to be the next child abuse meme floating around Facebook.

Football party idea- Water bottles wrapped in team colors. #onebuyforall #shop #cbias

And these DIY duct tape water bottles! Oh-Mylanta do I LOVE dressing up water bottles! I honest to goodness put these together at the kitchen table while Michael ate his breakfast. Seriously. Totes magotes, or whatever the commercial says instead of a craft that’s so easy a toddler could do it.


Football party idea- Don't forget about the TV being the focal point! #onebuyforall #shop #cbias

And believe it or not, as much as I hate to admit it, the focal point of a football party isn’t the food or decorations. The most important activity at any football party is the TV because you sort of need to watch football at a football party. What a crazy concept, right?

Our Best Buy hookup was worth every minute of not having to do anything… yanno, because Geek Squad is sort of amazing.


Football party ideas- food, drinks, decorations, and more #onebuyforall #shop #cbias

#CollectiveBias #OneBuyForAll

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