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I’m guilty of buying Daddy Michael frozen meals. It is what it is. I apparently haven’t mastered my kitchen-ly duties because there aren’t always leftovers for his lunch. Talk about a wife fail. When I say there aren’t any leftovers, I’m talking about those nights where I only make a pound of beef for taco night and my toddler reminds me his appetite is that of a grown man’s. Which, by the way, I will never understand because he eats, and eats, and eats. Where does it go?

Frozen meal ideas from Michelina's

Seeing how I am more legit than celebrity endorsers, what I am about to say should hold substantial weight in your memory. As in, you better get to clearing out a corner of your brain for frozen meal information because it’s that important. (No, no it’s not.)


I have purchased Michelina’s frozen meals for Michael since the beginning of time. Yes, I was the person buying a month’s worth of lunches during the sale. Yes, I was the person hovering over the Michelina’s door as I decided which flavors Michael would like. Yes, I was the person paying .88 a frozen meal because I had a $1 coupon. Stacking his lunches in the freezer was always a glorious experience.

I know he gets bored eating the same thing every day, but you know what? He can deal with it, and he does, unless he wants to start grocery shopping and cooking. (That will never happen. Not in a million years. And if it did start happening, I would be the one asking for frozen meals instead of the prepared food because garbage can spice combinations aren’t my style!) So you know what I did? I put together a list of fancy pants Michelina’s meal ideas for him to read when he finally catches up on my posts. You know, when one of his friends asks if he read this or that post.


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