Funfetti cake mix + Rice Krispies = Amazing!

In case you didn’t already know, I am a Rice Krispies treat fanatic and they were even my breakfast this morning!  Not the cereal; I am talking about the gooey goodness that is in a bar.  This post isn’t about Rice Krispies treats, that post will come next week, though so lets get back on track!

I reserved 1/3 cup of the cake mix for my treats and the rest I turned into cupcakes for Michael’s first birthday party.  Each time I make cake batter treats I stick with the same egg, water and oil ingredients that are on the box.  It makes for a delicious cupcake even without the 1/3 cup of mix!

I divided up 2 jars of vanilla frosting so I could color them and that is about 1 cup in each bowl.  Then I scooped them into a Ziploc bag for the faux piping bag trick.  Squish it all down in one corner and cut the tip off.  I promise it works like a charm!  I originally got the idea for the colored frosting on another blog but I think that she does it the right way with real piping supplies. 

I had never piped frosting on anything so silly me started on the inside and swirled out but that is wrong.  Start on the outside and swirl in for a better presentation.  You can’t get the little Dairy Queen curl if you pipe inside out! 

Food for thought…haha… I put 1/4 cup batter into my sleeves and they still had a big top.  I am always trying to figure out exactly how much to put in and I am thinking it is going to be about half now?  I honestly never get the number of cupcakes that they say I will because they have always been so massive.  Baby steps!

Aww… my little 1 year old eating his cupcake last night!  He barely made a mess eating so Mommy was proud!  I wasn’t proud that he woke up without a diaper on but that is a whole different post.  Maybe tomorrow?  I have to get in the kitchen for now or there will not be a party on  Saturday!

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